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An Introduction to PayPal

An Introduction to PayPal PayPal is everywhere it seems. Not only has it been a mainstay of online commerce for two decades, it’s become a force in the brick and mortar world as well, with some retailers making it easy for consumers to spend their funds via PayPal...

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Create an Invoice On PayPal

Introduction If you run a business of any kind, getting paid in a timely and efficient manner is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe. When dealing with online clients and consumers, then, knowing how to create and send a PayPal invoice is absolutely...

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What is PayPal Buyer Protection and How Does It Work?

Overview We live in an age of e-commerce. Therefore, more and more of us are turning to online retail for everything from consumer electronics to groceries and even cars. Last year, e-commerce was responsible for around $2.3 trillion in retail sales and that number is...

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WordPress PayPal Plugin Options

Introduction WordPress is an increasingly popular platform.  It enables web users to make use of a vast range of features, programs and plugins to extend functionality. Far from being a simple blogging template, the modern WordPress platform is a...

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What is PayPal Credit and How Does it Work?

Overview If you are familiar with online transactions in any shape or form, it’s likely that you’ll have a PayPal account. After all, the online payment service is used by nearly 250 million users worldwide and is the preferred option for many retailers...

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PayPal Customer Service – Get the Help You Need

If you’re one of the 244 million+ users with an active PayPal account, you’ll already be fully aware of the many wonderful things that the online payment system allows you to do. However, with hundreds of millions of transactions taking place every single...

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PayPal Plus with Ratenzahlung for WooCommerce

Einführung Verwenden Sie sowohl PayPal Plus als auch PayPal Ratenzahlung mit Ihrem PayPal-Konto? Unsere Plugin-Kombination ist so konzipiert, dass sie nahtlos zusammenarbeitet, so dass die Ratenzahlung direkt in den PayPal Plus iFrame eingebunden ist. Dies...

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PayPal Security – TLS 1.2 HTTP 1.1 Update

PayPal Security Overview As of 06/26/2018, PayPal has officially begun updating their server security to only accepts traffic requests using a specific HTTP protocol, TLS 1.2 / HTTP 1.1.  Even though PayPal has been warning people about this for years now,...

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PayPal Credit and Marketing Solutions

Introduction PayPal is widely known for their ability to make sending and receiving payments simple and secure.  What you may not realize, though, is that by accepting PayPal on your website or application you automatically have the ability to offer...

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