PayPal Store for Merchants and Developers

Our PayPal store includes a variety of tools for both merchants and developers that will get you processing payments with PayPal in no time!

PayPal Store Featured Products

PayPal Plugin Premium Support

Are you using one of our existing PayPal plugin tools and need some additional help that our documentation is not providing?  Purchase an hour of premium support and we’ll work with you directly to resolve your issue.

Get PayPal Plugin Premium Support

PayPal WordPress / WooCommerce Plugins

Are you using WordPress / WooCommerce and looking to more tightly integrate PayPal into your system?  Check out our collection of WordPress plugins to help you accomplish your goals.

PayPal WordPress Plugins

PayPal PHP Developer Tools

Our PayPal store includes a PayPal PHP SDK that is available as a standard class library that is compatible with Composer and available on Packagist / GitHub.  We also provide a CodeIgniter specific PayPal library that you may prefer if you’re building in CodeIgniter but you are not using Composer.

Download FREE PayPal PHP SDK

PayPal Help

Looking for some general PayPal help?  We provide consulting / training for basics about buying and selling with PayPal, and more advanced topics like integrating PayPal into your website or application with developer tools.

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Website Design / Development

Let our PayPal certified specialists build your website and get it done right the first time.  We specialize in WordPress / WooCommerce solutions with PayPal tightly integrated as the payment processor.

Website Design / Development

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