WordPress is an increasingly popular platform which enables web users to make use of a vast range of features, programs and plugins to extend functionality.

Far from being a simple blogging template, the modern WordPress platform is a versatile, dynamic content management system, which opens up a host of options to those hoping to create websites, content, and apps that are fit for the 21st century. Using WordPress grants access to a broad spectrum of plugins, which enhance user experience and create sites that are more functional and convenient.

One of the most popular pieces of functionality needed in WordPress is the ability to accept PayPal payments.  There are numerous options available when it comes to integrating PayPal plugins to a WordPress site.

If you have a site you’re looking to improve, or you’re new to the idea of linking PayPal to your WordPress platform, this guide should come in handy. We’ll explore the options and provide advice to help you make the most of the best WordPress PayPal plugins and offer your readers or customers the best possible service.

Add a Basic PayPal Button to WordPress Content

PayPal is one of the world’s leading payment systems. With millions of users worldwide, it’s increasingly beneficial to add a PayPal button to your WordPress site and to incorporate the option to use PayPal within posts.

If you’re new to WordPress, or you’ve never added a PayPal button to your content or site before, you may be wondering how to integrate PayPal and start taking advantage of the benefits it offers.

There are several options available to you, including a range of great plugins, which are designed to make it easy for users to access PayPal and make payments and to allow website owners and designers to enhance the experience for their users.

In terms of adding PayPal buttons to your WordPress page or post, there are two main avenues you can take.

  1. You can manually add basic buttons using codes provided by PayPal.
  2. You can make use of plugins, which take control of the integration process for you.

The manual option gives you the chance to add button by selecting a button type (ie. Buy Now, Donate, Subscribe, etc.) in your PayPal account tools section, customizing your button, and then sharing it to your page by pasting the code into the text editor box.

The plugin option allows you to simplify the process of adding PayPal buttons to your WordPress content. Rather than entering codes and customizing buttons manually, the plugin does the hard work for you creating a professional, efficient PayPal payment button for your site.

PayPal WP Button Manager

Add PayPal’s Button Manager functionality directly into your WordPress dashboard.  This gives you the full power of the PayPal button builder without leaving your admin panel in WordPress.  The plugin allows you to build all types of PayPal buttons and easily add them to pages or posts.

Add a PayPal Button Module to Divi

The Divi theme by Elegant Themes is a popular choice for WordPress. The good news is that if you use the Divi theme, it’s incredibly easy to integrate a PayPal button using the PayPal for Divi plugin.

Our PayPal for Divi plugin enables you to add both payment and donation options to your pages without copying and pasting codes or moving between WordPress and PayPal sites. With this useful plugin, you can take advantage of the Divi layouts and design tools at the same time as improving the experience for your customers paying with PayPal.

What could be easier than clicking on a Buy Now button and going straight to PayPal for payment? Customers want to be able to complete transactions within seconds without having to get a card out, find a wallet or enter a load of additional information. The PayPal for Divi plugin makes it incredibly simple for you to add the PayPal payment option to the Divi theme.

PayPal for Divi

Are you using the Divi theme?  If so, check out this PayPal for Divi plugin which adds a PayPal Button module into your Divi modules library.  This allows you to quickly add a PayPal button to any content through the Divi Builder!

Upgrade the WooCommerce PayPal Experience

Millions of people all over the world use PayPal to pay for products or services. If you’re providing services or items for sale through the WooCommerce platform, it pays to offer your customers the chance to complete the transaction using PayPal.

Today, people don’t have the time or the inclination to waste hours trying to buy a product online. As a seller, it’s incredibly important to make the acquisition process as simple, convenient and quick as possible to maximize the chances of closing a deal and increasing conversion rates. The last thing you want to is to generate interest in your site and then lose out because you’re not giving customers appealing payment options.

With the PayPal for WooCommerce plugin, it couldn’t be easier for a web user to pop something in their basket and make an instant payment using PayPal Express Checkout.

This plugin enables you to add PayPal to your WooCommerce site with minimal hassle. If you already accept credit card payments, you can also make use of the PayPal Express Checkout feature, which has been proven to increase sales by over 20% as well as many other benefits.

PayPal for WooCommerce payment gateways enhance integration, giving customers the chance to sail through the payment process without worrying about having their card details to hand or entering shipping information multiple times.

The plugin offers a plethora of benefits for online shoppers and WordPress site owners. The processes of receiving payments are swift and seamless, you can access your PayPal funds quickly, and Express options are attractive to customers on the go.

PayPal for WooCommerce

PayPal for WooCommerce is the highest rated PayPal plugin for WooCommerce available.  It will make adding PayPal checkout options to your website quick and easy, and it’s FREE!

Process Orders with the PayPal Here Mobile App

The PayPal Here WooCommerce POS plugin is designed to link your WooCommerce store and the PayPal Here app seamlessly.  

With this plugin, it’s never been easier to manage and create orders on WooCommerce and process payments through PayPal’s mobile POS service. All the information is synced, so you can rest assured that your inventory will be updated as soon as a payment is completed.

Using the PayPal Here WooCommerce plugin you can process pending orders from a WooCommerce store, create brand new orders, and keep track of your inventory at all times. This plugin eliminates unnecessary steps making the process more efficient and giving you access to the information you need on the go.

If you already using PayPal with WooCommerce, why not start enjoying the benefits of PayPal Here too? This will enhance PayPal integration and enable you to track and process orders with minimal effort.

PayPal Here for WooCommerce

PayPal Here for WooCommerce adds functionality so that you can process your WooCommerce orders using the PayPal Here POS app on your mobile device.  Inventory and orders are synced so that you can rest assured your system works seamlessly.

Use WordPress as a PayPal IPN Listener

If you have a WordPress site that processes PayPal payments, did you know that you can use your site as a PayPal IPN listener and processor?

IPN (Instant Payment Notification) is an amazingly beneficial tool.  It enables you to keep track of payments in real time and manage transactions. If you have the PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin you’ll have access to data related to every type of transaction within seconds of it being completed.

With this information and the innovative features offered by the IPN service you can automate procedures.  Manage your account, customize email notifications and maintain contact with third-party application service interfaces.

If you’re looking for a WordPress PayPal plugin that gives you access to a whole host of capabilities and services that will improve the way you work, give you a deeper insight into the transactions that occur on your site and provide you with a simple means of managing payments, it’s worth considering PayPal IPN for WordPress.

PayPal IPN for WordPress

Install the PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin on your site and turn it into a post-transaction processing machine!  Hooks are provided so that you can trigger your own functions based on the PayPal transaction type or payment status allowing you to automate all sorts of procedures.

Create and Manage PayPal Invoices from WordPress

If you use WordPress or you have a WooCommerce store you may wish to send a PayPal Invoice to your customer for purchase.

Rather than taking the time and effort to draft an invoice manually and enter custom information about the client and the product or service they have ordered, you can use the PayPal Invoicing for WordPress plugin to create PayPal invoices from within WordPress or WooCommerce.

Your customer will receive a professional looking invoice, and you’ll maximize your chances of being paid on time. You can also keep a record of invoices that have been sent out and paid to make it easy to send reminders and manage transactions in real time.

Add the power of PayPal Invoicing to your WordPress site today!

PayPal Invoicing for WordPress

Create, send, and manage PayPal invoices from directly inside your WordPress or WooCommerce dashboard!


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