WordPress PayPal Button Manager

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Create and manage secure PayPal payment buttons from within the WordPress admin panel.

  • Shopping Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Donation
  • Gift Certificate
  • Subscription

Product Description

WordPress PayPal Button Manager Video Demo


PayPal WP Button Manager is a plugin for WordPress that makes it quick and easy to create secure PayPal payment buttons.  The plugin replicates the button manager experience you get from within a PayPal.com account within the WordPress admin panel and provides shortcodes for easy placement of the buttons throughout your page and post content.

You can easily create a variety of PayPal button types for your WordPress site including:

  • Shopping Cart / View Cart
  • Buy Now
  • Donation
  • Subscription
  • Gift Certificate

Create WordPress PayPal Buttons Using Multiple PayPal Accounts

PayPal WP Button Manager allows you to configure an unlimited number of companies / PayPal accounts with the plugin.  When you create a new button you can select which company / PayPal account you would like to use for that button.  This allows you to create and manage WordPress PayPal buttons from multiple PayPal accounts within the same WordPress website, and avoids the need to continuously log in and out of different accounts.

How is Our WordPress PayPal Button Plugin Different?

You will find that there are a number of similar plugins available in the WordPress directory.  They allow you to create buttons and provides shortcodes for WordPress, however, there are a few key differences that we feel you will appreciate.

  •  PayPal Button Manager API
    • Our plugin utilizes the PayPal APIs which allows us to create buttons that are hosted within your PayPal account.  This hides the product pricing details and PayPal account details from the button’s HTML code and makes it more secure.
    • Other similar WordPress PayPal button plugins do not use the PayPal API.  Instead, they simply generate the standard HTML button code and output it directly.  This leaves product details and seller details available within the code, and potential fraudsters could make adjustments to the code before submitting a payment.
  • Official PayPal Partner and Certified Developer – Andrew Angell, the owner of Angell EYE, is an official PayPal Partner, a Certified PayPal Developer, a 3-time PayPal Star Developer Award Winner, and a PayPal Ambassador.  He has been developing PayPal applications for over 10 years and has a reputation of being “the PayPal guy” online.  There’s nobody more qualified to help you get PayPal working well on your website.

20 reviews for WordPress PayPal Button Manager

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Based on 20 reviews
  1. Andrew Woodsworth (verified owner)

    Just a little confusing as there is nothing new to download (I understand, it is a licence and I will get updates if there are any but it looks like there have been none since November 2019) and I forgot I needed to work through Angell Eye Helper, which I don’t use for anything else.

    Still it all went quickly.

    I have not used it to generate any new buttons for a least a year so I have not tried to use the tool, just to renew the licence.

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  2. David Adams (verified owner)

    Fantastic company!

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  3. alex

    Does this plugin can create several buttons on same page?

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    • Drew Angell (store manager)

      Yes, when you create the button it will provide a shortcode, and you can place as many of these in a page or post as you want.

  4. tim steele (verified owner)

    it helped me get all my paypal buttons working on my website but the buttons are very choppy and cheap looking would be nice to have a how to on how to make better looking buttons

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    • Drew Angell (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. Yes, this plugin is based on PayPal Standard. If you want something more modern you should use the Checkout APIs. We have other plugins for this like “PayPal for WooCommerce”.

      We do have plans to update this one so that it uses the new Checkout APIs, and allows you to place highly customizable buttons throughout your site. We’ll get that done ASAP!

  5. Samuel

    I love it, it’s very easy to use, and it works perfectly for my web site

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  6. Joshua

    great !

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  7. jim21slim

    And the so called “support” is bare bones, with relatively very little technical knowledge.

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  8. howardvillaluna

    For a free WP paypal plugin nothing comes close to this. At first I was apprehensive to write a support message thinking the author might not be responsive since it’s a free plugin, but then I cannot find any other pluigin out there that’s at par but was in vain so I gave it a try and sent a message for a possible conflict with another plugin I was running. Only after a couple of days Angelleye had already released a new version and had resolved the conflict- wow! All the way to this WP author! Thanks again!

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  9. fran330

    It took ma a little time to get around things but this was more in the Paypal environment itself (I am not used to deal with Paypal as a seller) than in the plugin environment.

    In fact the plugin doc is very helpful. I looked at various Paypal plugins and this one looks the most efficent and most secure (API key) to me.

    Also, I got a problem and support replied fast and clearly. It got fixed. So support seems great.

    Thank you very much for this plugin 🙂

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  10. dvora

    This plugin worked exactly as needed. I had a small problem with funny boxes appearing, and the team gave me a clue as to how to fix the problem. My template developer then told me how to fix the problem for only ONE page. So now it looks and works great! See for yourself: https://www.dvoraelisheva.com/shop/

    A big thank you to AngellEye for making this plugin available and free for small sites with very targetted traffic like mine!

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  11. mellorine

    Simple but powerful plugin! Works just as expected and very easy to embed on posts and pages. I emailed support because of the problem on customization of the Buy Now button and he told me updates are on the way soon.

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  12. Oliver

    Its great product , Love this plugin and happy to join the angelleye team!

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  13. roamingchile

    WordPress won’t handle the button codes generated by PayPal. This plugin gives you the button code written for WordPress to execute. Only reason I gave four starts is because the plugin did not import buttons previously created and saved in PayPal. I had to recreate my client’s subscribe form within the plugin. But otherwise, works great! Thanks, Angell Eye!

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  14. tejas111

    New Layout is just Awesome.

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  15. Paul

    Did not work for me, sorry. It would not allow me to add a company

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  16. kcppdevelopers

    Plugin works as intended and support is excellent. Highly recommend it

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  17. kcwebmedia

    This plugin works as it says it should and has been a great time saver for us. Thank you for the super quick support email responses!

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  18. croxie

    This plugin is easy to use and support is very effective and helpful. Any button you can create at PayPal you can also create in this manager, but without leaving your blog.

    Can’t beat that 🙂

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  19. angelleye

    As a PayPal partner and a certified developer it really makes me cringe to see all of the PayPal standard buttons out there that are not secure. This plugin uses the PayPal Button Manager API which allows you to create hosted buttons with PayPal. These buttons are secure and cannot be tampered with like non-hosted buttons.

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  20. Nishit Langaliya

    Very helpful to create a secure PayPal button with multiple options.

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