PayPal for WooCommerce

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  • PayPal Complete Payments (Commerce Platform)
  • PayPal Checkout
  • PayPal Pay Later
  • Venmo Payments
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • Credit / Debit Card Payments
  • Braintree Payments (CC, PayPal, ACH)
  • PayPal Classic Gateways (Express Checkout, Payments Pro, etc.)
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Introducing WooCommerce Payments - Powered by PayPal - the easiest and most affordable way to accept payments on your online store. 

Quickly and easily integrate your WooCommerce store with PayPal, and start accepting PayPal, credit / debit card payments, and a variety of alternative payment methods from customers all over the world. 

With PayPal Advanced Credit Cards you can enjoy a lower fee structure than what you would get with Stripe, Square, or any other direct credit card competitors.  

But what sets us apart is our first-class customer service.  Just compare our reviews with other PayPal plugins available and see for yourself.  Our plugin simply works - but if you do have an issue we are here to help without keeping you waiting for answers.

Don't miss out on the benefits of accepting PayPal Branded payments as well as credit and debit card payments on your online store.

See our complete changelog at GitHub.

474 reviews for PayPal for WooCommerce

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  1. Abdelhamid F. (verified owner)

    Extremely complicated to use.

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    • Drew (store manager)

      Hi Abdelhamid,

      I’m sorry you were having troubles. What exactly was complicated about it?

      We do provide lots of documentation, and we also offer 50% off our premium support when setting up if you would like me to work with you directly and teach you how it all works.

      Did you submit a ticket with our help desk? We’re happy to help you figure out any confusion you may have had.

      Please let me know what was complicated for you so that we can adjust accordingly. Thanks!


  2. Connor (verified owner)

    This plugin almost works very well but it has 2 main issues:

    1. If you choose the “Authorize” option instead of immediate “Capture”/”Sale”, it won’t automatically capture the authorized payment later on when an order reaches a given state (e.g. completed). The woocommerce built-in paypal option has this feature and it’s essential otherwise you’ll have to manually go in and capture every pre-authorized payment yourself.
    2. When you do an authorization first and then later the capture goes through…it DOES show the new capture record on the order’s edit page, however it DOES NOT update the paypal transaction id field on the order itself. That means that if you try to use the Angelleye “Shipment Tracking for Woocommerce” plugin with this one to send tracking info to paypal…it will sometimes fail because paypal gives the payment a new transaction id (different from the original authorization id). Thus sending the tracking info to paypal will fail because it tries to use the old (authorization) id.

    (0) (0)
    • Drew (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. We could certainly look at adding functionality to auto-capture when you mark an order completed. However, that’s a little bit backwards to be honest. Typically you wouldn’t want to mark an order completed until the capture was completed successfully. Otherwise, it’s not truly completed yet. So it almost seems like we should do it the other way around, no..?? Capture the Auth and have it auto-complete..?? Now that I say that, I think that’s what we’re doing already, but I’d have to double check.

      I’ll get a ticket created about the updating of transaction Ids and use with the shipment tracking. We’ll get an adjustment done there and get an update released for it. Thanks again for the feedback!

  3. Rafa

    I downloaded the Plugin for PayPal Plus. But i can´t find PayPal Plus?! Is it still inside the Plugin?

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      This is our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin, which is free and used to include PayPal Plus. PayPal Plus had to be moved to its own plugin, PayPal Plus for WooCommerce, which is a paid plugin.

  4. champ1on

    It contains dozens of variations and endless instructions on setting

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WooCommerce Payments – Powered by PayPal – Built by Angelleye

WooCommerce Payments - PayPal Button Stack

PayPal Checkout (Branded)

  • PayPal Wallet (Checkout via Log-In)
  • Guest Checkout via Credit / Debit Card (No Log-In Required)
  • PayPal Pay Later
  • Venmo Payments
WooCommerce PayPal Advanced Credit Cards

PayPal Advanced Credit Cards

  • PayPal Checkout Features Plus…
  • Seamless Credit Card Integration (No Black Button)
  • Processing Rate of 2.69% + 49¢ (Cheaper than Stripe!)
WooCommerce Payments - PayPal Alternative Payments

PayPal Alternative Payment Methods

  • Localized Payment Methods
  • Belgium: Bancontact | SOFORT
  • Poland: BLIK | Przelewy24
  • Austria: eps | SOFORT
  • Germany: giropay | Pay Upon Invoice | SOFORT
  • Netherlands: iDEAL | SOFORT
  • Italy: MyBank | SOFORT
  • United Kingdom: SOFORT
  • Spain: SOFORT
WooCommerce PayPal Braintree Payments

Braintree Payments

  • Built for Large Enterprises with International Scale
  • Easily Add a Variety of Payment Integrations
  • Seamlessly Connect with Partners or Service Providers

PayPal Classic Payment Gateways

The plugin still supports the Classic PayPal Payment Gateways like Express Checkout, Payments Pro, PayFlow Pro, etc.

If you need this, we’re here for ya!

However, we really need to get you migrated into PayPal Complete Payments as soon as possible.  Please submit a ticket with our help desk if you need help getting this done.  We’re happy to walk you through it.

Need Help Migrating?

If you have any questions or concerns about moving away from the Classic PayPal Payment gateways, please submit a ticket and we’ll be happy to guide you through it.

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WooCommerce PayPal Pro Credit Card Payments

PayPal Payments Pro gives you everything you need to securely accept credit cards and debit cards on your website.

It offers a secure payment experience with complete customization ability over your customers’ checkout process; and an Internet merchant account from PayPal.

Therefore, Payments Pro is ideal for businesses that want complete control over the checkout experience.

Our plugin makes it work with WooCommerce and customers can pay by credit card without ever leaving your website.

NOTE: – Fully supports both “Website Payments Pro” and “PayFlow Pro”.

PayPal Payments Advanced

Payments Advanced is a cheaper alternative to Payments Pro which ties PayPal and credit card payments into an i-frame on your website’s checkout page.

As such, this eliminates the need to worry about PCI compliance and is roughly half the price of PayPal Payments Pro.

NOTE: Payments Advanced is no longer being approved for new merchants.  However, if you already have it active on your account our plugin will still support it.

WooCommerce PayPal Gateway REST Credit Card Payments

PayPal’s new REST API adds the ability to process credit cards on the site without the need for PayPal Payments Pro.

This means no more monthly fees for processing credit cards directly!  This is essentially the exact same thing that Stripe offers with their credit card processing features.

  • A REST-full API that gets you taking payments very quickly with no monthly fees.


NOTE: Direct REST CC has been replaced by PayPal Advanced CC in the new Complete Payments gateway.  This “Classic REST” option is no longer being approved for merchants.  However, if you already have it active on your account our plugin will still support it.

The PayPal Advantage

Massive customer reach.
Open the door to over 300 million active users who look for the PayPal way to pay.

PayPal helps give customers the confidence to buy.
Merchants who use PayPal see a 28% increase in checkout conversion.

Includes Buy Now Pay Later at no additional cost.
With Pay in 4 and Pay Monthly, your customers can pay over time while you get paid up front with no risk!

Venmo taps into NextGen spending power.
Venmo is a popular payment option in the US for Millennial and Gen Z shoppers.  Uses spend 2x more annually on online purchases than other online buyers.

Comes with AI fraud detection.
The PayPal AI software detects fraud and evolving cyber threats to promote peace of mind for your business and your customers.

Compliments your existing checkout.
PayPal is simple to set up and won’t disrupt your existing checkout solution.

Instant access to funds.
Your payments show up in your PayPal account instantly!  You can immediately spend the cash using your own PayPal wallet, a PayPal debit card, or you can transfer it to your bank account right away.

Total Processing Fees When Using PayPal + Angell EYE

Accept Card Payments

Our credit and debit card processing rates make it simple and affordable for your business to accept payments online when compared to competitors like Stripe, Square, and the rest!

Credit and Debit Card Payments Transaction Fee

2.69% + 49¢ per transaction

Includes the following payment methods:

Visa | MasterCard | Discover | JCB | Diner's Club

Accept PayPal Payments

Increase conversion rates and average order total by letting your customers use the PayPal payment options they prefer - PayPal Checkout, Pay Later, Venmo, and more!  Seller Protection on eligible transactions can help your business avoid chargebacks, reversals and fees.

PayPal Branded Payments Transaction Fee

3.59% + 49¢ per transaction

Includes the following payment methods:

PayPal Checkout, Buy Now Pay Later, Venmo, PayPal Rewards, PayPal Checkout with Crypto


The fees displayed are the result of the PayPal US rate + the Angelleye commission of only 0.1%.

At Angell EYE, we believe in honesty, fairness, and transparency, especially when it comes to our pricing. We understand that the nuances of payment processing fees can be confusing, so let us break it down for you.

When you use our plugin to process payments, you'll continue paying whatever rate you've negotiated with PayPal, whether that's for PayPal Wallet transactions or for credit card processing.

What we do add is a small commission of 0.1% per transaction. This is our fee for the added value and capabilities our plugins provide.

To make this more clear, if your rate with PayPal is 3.49% for wallet transactions or 2.59% for credit card transactions, then with our plugin, you would pay an all-inclusive rate of 3.59% or 2.69% respectively.

However, it's important to note that your rates with PayPal may vary based on your own agreements. So, the key takeaway here is this: you will always pay your established PayPal rate plus our flat 0.1% commission.

This approach keeps your fees typically lower than with our competitors, and more importantly, keeps pricing simple and transparent.

The Angell EYE Advantage

We at AngellEYE are PayPal specialists.  We have developed a very close relationship with PayPal over the past 20+ years.

Rest assured that when you’re working with AngellEYE PayPal plugins your payments will work as expected.

In addition, everything between WooCommerce orders and PayPal’s transaction details will be seamless.

Therefore, you will not find yourself confused when looking at orders in one place or the other because the same data is available in each location.

PayPal Partner
PayPal Certified Developer

Quality Control and Seamless PayPal Integration

Our developers have built and tested this plugin thoroughly in the PayPal sandbox.

Firstly, we have ensured that all necessary data passes to PayPal with clean and accurate details.  In additional, we verify that all data passes to correct fields that PayPal provides.

Therefore, all order details will show up in PayPal as expected, and all data about orders will match.  This is true whether you’re looking at PayPal transaction details or WooCommerce order details.

The following outline describes just a few things that we found wrong with other plugins that we’ve done correctly with ours.

Error Handling

  • Many (in fact, all) of the other PayPal extensions I’ve seen have some serious issues regarding error handling.
  • One example is with Payments Pro, where you can have Fraud Filters configured in your PayPal account.
    • Orders could raise a flag and trigger a filter, however, the payment still completes successfully and the buyer should see the order complete page.
    • In many cases, these end up getting treated as failures, the buyer is shown an error, and could potentially end up processing multiple payments if they continue re-trying.
    • This sort of crucial error handling problem will not happen with our plugin!

Cart Items

  • All cart item details pass fully to PayPal and show up correctly in PayPal’s transaction details.
  • All items will always pass.
  • You will not find truncated item names in the PayPal transaction details.
  • The WooCommerce SKU is correctly passed to PayPal as the Item Number.
  • Item Attributes
    • We’ve seen all sorts of crazy ways people try to handle item attributes (ie. color, size, etc.)
    • All attributes will append to the item name with our plugin so that they can be easily seen in the PayPal tranaction details.
      • You will not find item attributes being passed in random fields like other plugins.

Cart Totals

  • With our plugin, all cart totals calculate accurately and are sent correctly over to PayPal.
  • You will not find any “rounding issue” items popping up on your orders when using our plugins like you do with “official” plugins.
  • Subtotal, shipping, handling, taxes, and grand total amounts calculate and pass to PayPal accurately and in their correct parameters.

Discount Codes

  • We’ve ensured that all discount codes applied to an order are correctly passed over to PayPal.
    • This allows you to see each individual code that a customer uses, its amount, and its actual code value.


  • If shipping is available on the WooCommerce cart page, this will be passed to PayPal for review during checkout.
    • If the address changes during review, the shipping and tax will be re-calculated.
  • The PayPal request includes the shipping address, so that it will show up in the PayPal transaction details page accurately.

URL Encoding

  • All data passed to PayPal is correctly URL encoded and formatted per specified standards.
  • You will not have problems where you see a bunch of special characters included with your transaction data.

Are You Ready to Add PayPal to Your Site?

Get the FREE plugin and start taking PayPal Payments on your WooCommerce website today!