Total Processing Fees When Using PayPal + Angell EYE

Accept Card Payments

Our credit and debit card processing rates make it simple and affordable for your business to accept payments online when compared to competitors like Stripe, Square, and the rest!

Credit and Debit Card Payments Transaction Fee

2.69% + 49¢ per transaction

Includes the following payment methods:

Visa | MasterCard | Discover | JCB | Diner's Club

Accept PayPal Payments

Increase conversion rates and average order total by letting your customers use the PayPal payment options they prefer - PayPal Checkout, Pay Later, Venmo, and more!  Seller Protection on eligible transactions can help your business avoid chargebacks, reversals and fees.

PayPal Branded Payments Transaction Fee

3.59% + 49¢ per transaction

Includes the following payment methods:

PayPal Checkout, Buy Now Pay Later, Venmo, PayPal Rewards, PayPal Checkout with Crypto


The fees displayed are the result of the PayPal US rate + the Angelleye commission of only 0.1%.

At Angell EYE, we believe in honesty, fairness, and transparency, especially when it comes to our pricing. We understand that the nuances of payment processing fees can be confusing, so let us break it down for you.

When you use our plugin to process payments, you'll continue paying whatever rate you've negotiated with PayPal, whether that's for PayPal Wallet transactions or for credit card processing.

What we do add is a small commission of 0.1% per transaction. This is our fee for the added value and capabilities our plugins provide.

To make this more clear, if your rate with PayPal is 3.49% for wallet transactions or 2.59% for credit card transactions, then with our plugin, you would pay an all-inclusive rate of 3.59% or 2.69% respectively.

However, it's important to note that your rates with PayPal may vary based on your own agreements. So, the key takeaway here is this: you will always pay your established PayPal rate plus our flat 0.1% commission.

This approach keeps your fees typically lower than with our competitors, and more importantly, keeps pricing simple and transparent.

Need More Help?

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