PayPal provides a variety of methods to request and receive payment to your PayPal account.  Whether you just need something basic and quick, or you are looking for something more professional and unique, PayPal has you covered.

  • PayPal Send Money
  • PayPal Request Money
  • PayPal Invoicing
  • PayPal Standard Payment Buttons
  • PayPal Shopping Cart Integration


PayPal Send Money

One of the easiest ways to request money by PayPal is to give your account email address to the person you would like to have pay you.

Your buyer will log into their account and go to the Send Money page.  From here, they will enter your email address, amount to pay, and a message for you.  They will also have the chance to select a shipping address if needed, and their payment method.

The PayPal payment will come directly to your PayPal account balance. is a fun little feature that lets you setup a simple payment screen for people to send you PayPal payments.

Just create your link and provide it for anybody that you would like to request a payment from.

The link opens a simple payment screen where the buyer can enter the amount they would like to pay and continue with payment quickly and easily.

PayPal Request Money

The PayPal request money tool provides a simple way to send a PayPal payment request to your buyer using their email address.

From your PayPal account, simply go to the Request Money page, and you can choose to request money from customers.

Next you simply enter the email address and the amount you are requesting.  The buyer will receive the money request via email as well as within their PayPal account activity log.

PayPal Invoice

The PayPal Invoice tool let you send a PayPal money request using a professionally formatted invoice.

You can add your logo and business info, line item details, discount, shipping, and tax amounts.  You can also allow partial payment, attach documents, and more with PayPal Invoicing!

The buyer will get an email with the invoice available for payment and printing for their own records.

PayPal Standard Buttons

PayPal Standard Buttons are a simple way to add a PayPal payment button on your website.

You can use the PayPal Button Manager tools to create Buy Now, Donate, Subscription, Shopping Cart buttons and more.

The tool will provide a small snippet of HTML code you can paste into your website where you would like the button to be displayed.

Buyers can click the button to begin the payment process with PayPal or a credit card.

PayPal Shopping Cart 

If you are using a shopping cart solution like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, or many others, you will likely find PayPal options readily available for integration into your cart.

PayPal for WooCommerce

Get our FREE PayPal for WooCommerce plugin to add PayPal buttons to your website like you see to the right.

PayPal Money Withdrawal

With any of the payment methods outlined above, the PayPal cash will fall into your PayPal account balance.

From there, you can easily transfer or withdraw the cash from your PayPal account to a linked bank account or debit card.

Another option would be to spend the money directly out of your PayPal account by choosing the PayPal payment method when you make purchases, or by using a PayPal MasterCard debit card.