This PayPal for Divi user guide walks you through the simple steps to add PayPal payment buttons to your website using the Divi Builder.  If you have not already installed and configured the plugin you should first review our PayPal for Divi Installation Guide and our PayPal for Divi Setup Guide.

1. Open the Divi Builder for Any Page or Post, and click Insert Module.

PayPal for Divi Builder

The Divi Builder allows you to easily add PayPal buttons.

2. Click the PayPal Button Module.

Divi Builder PayPal Button Module

The PayPal Button module built into the Divi Builder.

3. Enter and Save the Settings for the New PayPal Button.

Divi Builder PayPal Button Module Settings

Divi Builder PayPal module settings panel.

  • PayPal Account ID – Select one of the PayPal accounts you configured under Settings -> PayPal for Divi.
    • NOTE:  If you have our PayPal WP Button Manager plugin installed, this drop down will consist of the buttons you have created using that plugin.
  • Button Type – Choose whether you would like to create a Buy Now button or a Donate button.
  • Item Price – Set the price of the product / service this button is being created for.
  • Shipping / Tax / Handling Amount – Set a shipping amount here to override any settings in your PayPal account profile.  Leave this blank to use the PayPal profile settings by default.
  • Return URL – Set the page you would like the user to be returned to after completing their payment at PayPal.
  • Cancel URL – Set the page you would like the user to be returned to if they choose to cancel their payment while on the PayPal pages.
  • Custom Button Display – Turn this option On to enable some custom options.
    • Button Text – If you would like to adjust the text displayed on a text-only button you may do that here.
    • Text Color – Set the contrast (light/dark) for the text on a text only button.
    • Image URL – Set an image URL here using the WordPress Media Manager to use a custom image for your button.
      • This will override any text button settings.
  • Button Alignment – Set the alignment for the button within the module.
  • Admin Label – Set a name / label so you can easily tell what this module is when viewing the Divi Builder.

4. Save / Preview the Page to View the PayPal Button.

PayPal for Divi Builder PayPal Button Displayed

PayPal button displayed on page via Divi Builder PayPal Button module.

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