Are you using the WooCommerce shopping platform to sell products on your WordPress site? You’re not alone. The free to use ecommerce plugin enables you to sell anything and is currently used by 30% of the stores online. This beats any other platform. WooCommerce is popular because it provides complete control to store owners and developers. The straightforward design and user-friendly interface has guaranteed a fantastic success rate. But there is a way to make it even better with a fresh plugin. WooCommerce provides store owners with access to hundreds of premium WordPress extension, and one is particularly useful.

Do you want to transform your WooCommerce site into a vendor marketplace? You can do this with WC Vendors, a premium plugin that allows you to open your site for other sellers, similar to eBay or Amazon.  WooCommerce vendors can sell their products through your site, and you can keep a commission.

WooCommerce Vendors Explained

If you want to transform your site into something that resembles anything from Etsy to eBay, this is the plugin you need. Through this plugin, other people will be able to sell virtually any product or service on your site. The most popular multi-vendor marketplace plugin, WC Vendors has many fantastic benefits and features that store owners will love.

WooCommerce Vendors Plugin

Trusted by over 20,000 users and counting!  This plugin allows users of your website to post and maintain their own products for sale on your WooCommerce website, and allows you to generate an income stream through sales commissions.

How Do Payments Operate?

Once you set up your WooCommerce store as a vendor marketplace you will have two types of payments. The first payment will be from a customer for a product you are selling. The second will be from your account to pay the vendor using your site for their product, less your commission amount.

The first stage of each payment will be the sale. Customers will be able to browse your site and add a product to their basket. Once they have done this, they can select a payment gateway. Customers are able to choose from any payment gateway that WooCommerce supports including PayPal and Stripe.

PayPal for WooCommerce

PayPal for WooCommerce is our popular extension plugin for WooCommerce that adds professional PayPal integration.  It includes PayPal Express Checkout with Smart Payment Buttons, Braintree and PayPal Pro for direct credit card processing, and more!

At the point of payment, the system will calculate and store the commission for the vendor that is due from each sale. The customer transaction is completed with the full payment in your account.

You can then choose how you pay the vendor’s portion of the order payment and which schedule you use. You can pay immediately after the sale, monthly or even quarterly. You can also choose whether you pay through the marketplace or externally. However, paying through the marketplace does limit the payment gateways you can use.

Different payment schedules and methods provide various advantages to store owners. With WooCommerce Vendors, this premium plugin allows you to choose the right payment method and schedule for you.

Key Features Of WooCommerce Vendors

WC Vendors provides various key benefits to ensure that your online marketplace is better than the rest. Through the plugin, vendors can submit any product, view sales and directly inform customers through the site. As the administrator, you will also be able to approve vendor applications and use shortcodes specific to vendors.

Vendors are provided with various options using your service through WC Vendors. The plugin allows them to add or edit products and manage media through galleries and libraries. Vendors certainly won’t be disappointed with the marketplace that you have provided for them.

In additional to adding vendors to your WooCommerce marketplace, you may also be interested in adding an eBay-like offer system so that you and your vendors can negotiate with potential buyers.  Let’s talk about that next.

Discovering Offers For WooCommerce

Offers For WooCommerce allows you to bring a level of negotiation to your store where buyers can make, you guessed it, offers on products. This plugin adds a “make an offer” button to your WooCommerce store for products or downloads that you are selling. Using this button, buyers can easily submit offers for products, providing key details including:

  • The quantity they want to buy
  • The price they are willing to pay
  • Contact information

You will then be in negotiate with the buyer who wants to purchase your product. You’ll be notified as soon as you receive an offer where you can then accept, submit a counter offer or decline the offer completely. You can customize these offers further by adding details like a final offer or even an expiration date. By doing this, you can streamline the purchase process and potentially increase conversion rates.

Offers For WooCommerce provides complete control of the offers and their availability to the store owner. For instance, you can inform the buyer that the offer they have put forward is only available when purchasing multiple units. If the order is accepted, you have increased the revenue from that order, and the buyer has received a great deal on a product.

This free plugin is all you need to create your own offers store on WooCommerce. But what about if you want to run offers on a product through your WC Vendors marketplace?

Offers For WooCommerce with WC Vendors

The biggest issue with running Offers For WooCommerce with the WC Vendors plugin is that the offer for the product being sold needs to go to the individual vendor, not the site administrator. As such, we built a premium extension to our Offers plugin specifically for WC Vendors compatibility.  With this plugin, the offers go straight to the vendor rather than to you. As well as this, vendors can fully manage offers through the front-end dashboard, similar to how they would add or edit products. Vendors can also use the ‘Manage Offers’ section of the vendor admin panel through WordPress.

With this plugin, you can give separate vendors the power to negotiate offers customers make on the products they are selling through your WooCommerce store. You can put the offers directly into the vendor’s hands rather than needing to manually handle each individual offer yourself as the store owner.

Offers for WooCommerce - WC Vendors

Offers for WooCommerce – WC Vendors adds full support for our Offers for WooCommerce plugin and the WC Vendors plugin.  Give your vendors this powerful negotiation tool and help to increase sales on your marketplace!


By combining these popular free and premium plugins, you can transform your WooCommerce store in exciting ways and set up an online vendor marketplace that runs beautifully for both you and your vendors.

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