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This premium extension to our Offers for WooCommerce plugin adds compatibility for the WC Vendors plugin allowing vendors selling products on your site to manage their own offers.


Product Description

Offers for WooCommerce is a plugin of ours that allows potential buyers to “make an offer” on an item for sale on your WooCommerce website.

WC Vendors is a 3rd party plugin that allows you to turn your site into an eBay / Amazon – like website where vendors can sell their own products or services through your site for a fee.

This premium extension was built to make Offers for WooCommerce and WC Vendors play nicely together.


  • Offer email notifications go directly to the vendor instead of the site administrator.
  • Vendors can manage offers from the WC Vendors Pro front-end dashboard.
  • A “Manage Offers” section was also added to the vendor admin panel in WordPress where each vendor can manage their own offers.

License Details

This plugin carries a paid annual license.

5 reviews for Offers for WooCommerce – WC Vendors

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  1. Sam (verified owner)

    After the sale support is top-notch. Will be buying from them again.

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  2. Marjolein


    Is it possbile to hide the add to cart button? So you only have the Make an offer button?

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    • Drew (store manager)

      Well, yes, it used to be. However, it looks like some Woo updates have caused that to stop working. I didn’t recognize that until I was about to test it to show you. We’re going to get this fixed an update very soon. When you see the update you can apply it, and then you can just leave the price empty (not zero, but empty) and it will hide the pricing and Add to Cart button but leave the Offer button. Look for that in the next couple of days!

  3. Ty

    We are looking to add this to our WCFM vendor marketplace. Have you had any success with customers using this on WCFM?

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    • Drew (store manager)

      Hi Ty,

      It’s in our backlog now, but we haven’t seen the demand for it yet to make it a priority for funding. That said, I’m going to add it to our brand new platform, GitCommits, which will soon allow for crowd-funding so people like yourself can contribute funding towards the project. Eventually, it will reach a level that ourselves or some other developer out there in the world will decide to complete the work and claim that total “bounty”. That’s the goal, anyway.

      GitCommits is live, but brand new and not being used yet. We’re wrapping up this crowd-funding now and will put that into play by the end of the month.

      I’d love to hear your thoughts on that!

  4. Reena Garg (verified owner)

    Few glitches but otherwise great

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    • Drew (store manager)

      If you having problems of any kind please submit a ticket to our help desk and we’ll get you taken care of.

  5. diane

    just want to ask if this plugin has WC vendors plugin included already?

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    • Drew (store manager)

      We are actively working on it, and we hope to have it fully completed and released by the end of June (if not sooner.)

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2.0.8 – 09.18.2020

  • Fix – Resolves issues with by default enable offer on product page

2.0.7 – 08.05.2020

  • Fix – WC Vendors Pro plugin slug compatibility
  • Fix – Fixes the offers listing page on Vendors Dashboard (Normal and Pro) to show the offers

2.0.6 – 07.13.2020

  • Tweak – Product ID – PHP Notice Resolved

2.0.5 – 12.30.2019

  • Tweak – Adjustment to Updater plugin notice dismissible.

2.0.4 – 11.20.2019

  • Verification – WooCommerce 3.8 and WordPress 5.3 compatibility.

2.0.3 – 09.02.2019

  • Fix – Resolves issues with price formatting causing some calculations to fail.

2.0.2 – 04.13.2019

  • Fix – Resolves conflicts with some 3rd party plugins resulting in PHP failure.

2.0.1 – 04.04.2019

  • Tweak – Adjustment to AE Updater integration.

2.0.0 – 03.27.2019

  • Feature – Adds AE Updater compatibility for future notices and automated updates.
  • Tweak – Adjusts code logic to use dynamic directory structure instead of static.

1.1.0 – 12.09.2018

  • Feature – Adds options for accept/decline/counter to be displayed the same in the WC Vendors front-end
  • dashboard as it does in the WordPress admin dashboard.

1.0.5 – 09.18.2018

  • Feature – WC-Vendors 2.0 Compatibility.

1.0.4 – 11.14.2017

  • Tweak – Updates Title column name to User.
  • Fix – Resolves issue with vendors seeing data that only the site admin should be seeing.
  • Fix – Resolves CSS conflicts in some themes.

1.0.3 – 06.20.2017

  • Fix – WooCommerce 3.0 Compatibility.
  • Fix – Resolves an issue where the basic dashboard was loading inside the Manage Offers tab.

1.0.2 – 04.23.2017

  • Fix – Resolves an issue with counter offers not always showing up in the WC Vendors Pro dashboard.

1.0.1 – 03.26.2017

  • Feature – Adds WC Vendors Pro front-end dashboard compatibility.
  • Fix – Resolves PHP error when class is not found.

1.0.0 – 03.02.2017

  • Initial release.

This purchase is for a single site license that gives you access to updates and support for one year. After that, the plugin will continue to function as-is, but you will not be able to get updates or support until you renew the license.