WooCommerce Braintree Payments are easily enabled in PayPal for WooCommerce.  You may setup direct credit card processing using the standard credit card forms on the WooCommerce checkout page, or you may choose to enable the Braintree Drop-In UI to add PayPal, credit cards, Apple and Android Pay all within a single Braintree hosted iFrame on your checkout page!

Setup Steps for WooCommerce Braintree Payments

1. Navigate to WooCommerce -> Settings.

WooCommerce Settings

WordPress Admin Panel -> WooCommerce -> Settings

2. Click on the Checkout tab.

WooCommerce Checkout Settings

WooCommerce Checkout Settings

3. Click the Braintree link to enter the settings page.

WooCommerce Braintree Payments Gateway

WooCommerce Braintree Payments Gateway


4. Set each option according to your needs.

Enable / Disable
Check this box to enable the payment gateway. Leave unchecked to disable it.
Set the title / label that will be displayed on the checkout page for the Braintree Payments gateway.
Set the payment gateway description that will be displayed on the checkout page for the Braintree Payments gateway.
Enable Drop-In Payment UI
Enable this option to embed a Braintree hosted iFrame into your WooCommerce checkout page.  This iFrame will include any payment methods you have configured in your Braintree account including PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay and Android Pay.

WooCommerce Braintree Payments Drop In UI

WooCommerce Braintree Payments Drop In UI.  Note that this is a sample only.  This will look different depending on your Braintree account settings for the Drop In UI.

Enable this option to set Braintree Payments up in Sandbox / Test Mode.  This allows you to run test transactions on your site to ensure the checkout process works as expected before switching to live payments.
Sandbox Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID
These are the API credentials that you will copy / paste from your Braintree test account into the corresponding fields for test purposes.  Make sure if you have Sandbox mode enabled that you are pulling these values form a Braintree test account!
Live Public Key, Private Key, and Merchant ID
These are the API credentials that you will copy / paste from your Braintree live account into the corresponding fields.
Enable Tokenized Payments
Enable this option to allow buyers to save their payment details to their account on your site.  This allows them to checkout more quickly in the future by selecting their saved payment method.

The payment details are stored in the Braintree system.  NOT on your website / database.  This allows you to provide this functionality without worrying about PCI Compliance.

Credit Card Statement Name
The value that you set here will be displayed on the buyer’s credit card statement.  This would typically be your company name.
Card Icon
Set an image you would like to use for the icon displayed next to the Braintree Payments option on the WooCommerce checkout page.
Debug Log
Check this box to enable logging for Braintree Payments API calls. These logs will be saved under /wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/.
Fraud Settings (Kount)
Braintree Payments provide sophisticated fraud management tools.  By default the Braintree account will include basic fraud tools like Address Verification and Card Security Code responses.  You may configure your account to use more advanced fraud tools provided by Kount Standard and Kount Custom.  Set the Fraud Tool drop down to match the functionality you have configured in your Braintree account to implement those tools on your WooCommerce checkout page.

More details about Braintree Payments Fraud Management Tools are available at

Merchant Account IDs (MID)
If you are utilizing multiple Merchant IDs for different currencies in your Braintree account you may set those up here.

More details are available at

5. Braintree ACH Configuration

PayPal for WooCommerce support Braintree ACH Payments (Savings, Checking).

5.1 Setup Tokenization Key

  • Login to your Braintree account and generate a new Tokenization key.
Braintree Tokenization Key - optimized
  • Set the Tokenization key and your business name in WooCommerce > Payments > Braintree > Braintree ACH Settings.
PFW Braintree ACH Tokenization Key

5.2 Enable ACH Payments

  • Enable Braintree ACH in WooCommerce > Payments > Braintree > Braintree ACH Settings and save changes.
PFW Braintree ACH Enable

Now your users will see an ACH Payment option on the checkout page.


ACH Payment Page

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