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This multi-account management add-on for our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin allows you to send payments to different PayPal accounts based on rules that you configure.  For example, orders below $12.00 could be processed with a PayPal MicroPayment account to save BIG on fees!  Rules can be created based on buyer country, store country, products and categories, user roles, and more!

Product Description


Our PayPal for WooCommerce plugin made it quick and easy for you to add PayPal payments to your website.  Now you can enhance this experience by adding our Multi-Account Management extension, which gives you the ability to send order payments to different PayPal accounts based on rules that you setup.

WooCommerce PayPal Multiple Accounts

Have you ever wished you could use multiple PayPal accounts on a single WooCommerce website? Wouldn’t it be nice to create simple rules to specify which PayPal account you would like the payment to be sent to based on order details? That’s exactly what you can do using our PayPal for WooCommerce Multi Account Management extension plugin!

WooCommerce PayPal Order Payment Condition Triggers

Use a variety of condition triggers to build rules that will send WooCommerce order payments to different PayPal accounts depending on order or buyer details.

Transaction Amount (Order Total)
Create rules to send WooCommerce order payments to one PayPal or another depending on the order total.  This is great for sending low dollar orders to a MicroPayments account to save on fees, while all other payments go to a standard account.
Store Country / Buyer Country Address
Send WooCommerce order payments to different PayPal accounts based on the WooCommerce base store country or the buyer’s address.
Products / Product Categories / Product Tags
Do you sell products from different people on the same site, and you would like the payments for these products to go to different PayPal accounts based on the product or category?  You can do exactly that with this plugin!

Build rules to send WooCommerce order payments to different PayPal accounts based on the individual product, product category, and/or product tags.

NOTE:  Do not confuse this with a “split” payment.  This plugin will allow you to create a rule to send the entire payment to one account or another depending on the product / product category.  This will not split a single payment between multiple accounts.
User Roles
Do you have different roles assigned to members of your site?  Would you like to send payments for some user roles to one PayPal account and payments for other user roles to another?  Now you can!
Currency Code
Do you have separate PayPal accounts that hold balances in different currencies based on your business locations around the world?  Build rules to send WooCommerce order payments to different PayPal accounts based on the currency code being used on the order.

Save Money on Fees with MicroPayments!

If you are selling low-price items on your website (typically anything $12.00 or lower) then you want to make sure those orders are processed using a PayPal MicroPayments account in order to get the best rate on fees.  The PayPal transaction fee structure is adjusted to account for these low-price items and you can save quite a bit of money on fees if you process these payments as MicroPayments.

Unfortunately, a single PayPal account cannot handle both regular (Macro) payments as well as MicroPayments at the same time. In order to utilize the MicroPayment fee structure you need to create a separate account that has this structure setup. Of course, you would NOT want to send regularly priced items to this account because then the fee would end up more expensive than the standard rate. So what do you do if you sell both low price items and regularly priced items from the same WooCommerce store?

Now you can use this plugin to solve that exact problem! Simply add your PayPal MicroPayments account with a rule that specifies what order amount should be processed with this account. Now, orders that would be better for you at the regular rate will be processed with your standard PayPal account, and orders that would be better for you at the MicroPayment rate will be processed with your MicroPayment account. This can save you BIG TIME on fees throughout the course of a year!

License Details

This purchase is for a single site license that gives you access to free updates and support for one year. After that, the plugin will continue to function as-is, but you will not be able to get updates or support until you renew the license.


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