PayPal is the most recognized payment provider in the world. Recently, they’ve released an exciting new product for online merchants; PayPal Smart Payment Buttons. This is a new button that users can install on their website to provide quick checkouts to all their customers. But, it’s far more than just another guest checkout option, the features of this button can lead to many benefits for business owners.

Easily Add PayPal Smart Buttons to WooCommerce

Just install our free PayPal for WooCommerce plugin and enable Express Checkout with Smart Buttons functionality turned on.  You’ll be up-and-running in no time, and your conversion rates will likely increase by around 23%!

What Do PayPal Smart Payment Buttons Do?

First of all, the purpose of these smart payment buttons is that they give your shoppers more ways to pay. However, instead of having to place multiple buttons on your page and cluttering the screen, these smart buttons will automatically display the most appropriate payment methods for each buyer, including PayPal, Venmo, PayPal Credit, or major debit / credit card options. One person may see three payment options, while someone else may only get two. It all depends on their geographical location and the cookie settings on their device. You can configure the button however you want, deciding on the shape and size, but also the color of your new PayPal checkout button. To add to this, you can test your buttons before they’re added to your site by using the developer portal offered by PayPal.

What Are the Benefits of PayPal Smart Payment Buttons?

The clear benefit is that your buyers are presented with more ways to pay. This can encourage someone to go through and make a purchase, which they otherwise may have avoided had you only offered one way to pay. What’s more, the technology works based on where the person is in the world, and their cookies. This means that the checkout options they see will be most relevant to them. Perhaps the best thing about this new feature is that no one needs a PayPal account to submit payment through Smart Buttons. There will always be a guest checkout option that allows someone to make a payment using their credit card, without even having to log into PayPal. Furthermore, there will be other options there as well, including different digital wallets and local funding sources. So, you can now bundle in loads of different payment options, along with regular PayPal payments and a guest checkout, all in one place. It’s much easier to do, and you could see more sales thanks to the improved convenience. Another extra benefit is that you can upgrade to smart payment buttons without having to do a complete overhaul of your existing checkout integration. Also, as mentioned earlier, the buttons are fully customize-able so you can edit them to suit your site.


All in all, this product is a very welcome addition from PayPal. It will certainly make things much easier for consumers to checkout on your site, and it reduces the number of clicks and page loads they need to go through. Probably the biggest feature is how you can still have a clearly displayed guest checkout that lets people quickly pay by credit card without putting in any login details. The more choice a consumer has, and the faster they can pay, the more chance there is of them buying something.

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