The PayPal Shipment Tracking for WooCommerce plugin provides tools for sending WooCommerce order tracking numbers to the PayPal system.

If you need help installing or configuring the plugin, check these related guides before moving forward with this guide.

WooCommerce Order List Review

  • From the WooCommerce order list page, check the PayPal Shipment Tracking column for a quick review of shipment tracking status with PayPal.
  • Hover over the tool-tip on the PayPal Shipment Tracking status to see more details about that shipment status.
PayPal Shipment Tracking Numbers WooCommerce Order List Status

Using the PayPal Shipment Tracking Widget

Built in Tracking Fields

  • If you are using the built-in PayPal Shipment Tracking widget for field mapping, you will see the widget available on any WooCommerce order with a supported PayPal gateway.
  • Simply fill in the details, and push the Send Tracking to PayPal button.
  • The shipment tracking number details will then be available inside the PayPal transaction details.

PayPal Shipment Tracking Widget

WooCommerce Order Details PayPal Shipment Tracking Number

PayPal Transaction Details

WooCommerce Shipment Tracking Number in PayPal Transaction Details

3rd Party Shipping Plugin

  • As covered in the Setup Guide, if you are using a 3rd party shipping plugin, you will map the fields from your shipping plugin to the PayPal Shipment Tracking fields.
  • With the fields accordingly, the PayPal Shipment Tracking widget on the WooCommerce order screen will provide the button for sending that individual order tracking to PayPal.

Field Mapping

WooCommerce PayPal Shipment Tracking Field Mapping

PayPal Shipment Tracking Widget

PayPal Shipment Tracking Numbers WooCommerce 3rd Party Widget

Automatically Send Tracking Numbers to PayPal

  • Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> PayPal Shipment Tracking.
  • Click to enter the Advanced settings.
  • Check the box to have PayPal tracking numbers sent to PayPal automatically.
  • Set the drop-down for how often you would like new tracking numbers to be sent.
PayPal Shipment Tracking Numbers WooCommerce Advanced Settings

Troubleshooting / Debugging

  • From the Advanced settings, check the box to Enable Logging.
  • When tracking numbers are sent from WooCommerce to PayPal, the API request/response logs will be saved at the path provided.
    • These logs are also available under WooCommerce -> Status -> Logs.

Complete Uninstall

  • From the Advanced settings, check the box to Delete all plugin data when the plugin is deleted form WordPress.
  • This is useful to remove all database configuration settings if you know you will no longer need them.

Need More Help?

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