When you create your PayPal account one of the first things you’re going to need to do is verify that account with a bank account.  This just helps prove to PayPal that you are who you say you are and that you are a legitimate person.

This can be a little bit scary, though, because you’re attaching your bank account where all of your personal cash is to this online system and just online things in general tend to freak people out.  


How to Protect Your Bank Account

What I like to recommend is that you open up a separate bank account that you’re going to treat as your internet bank account.  This will be the account you attach to things like PayPal, or really anything else you do online whether it’s credit card accounts you’re paying bills with, crypto exchanges, stock exchanges, or anything where you’re going to attach a bank account to an online platform.  

You can use this separate bank account that you created specifically for that, and inside this bank account you will hold minimal cash.  So your actual bank account where you hold the majority of your funds, you can transfer from there into the internet account any time you need to have something there to use, but keep the balance low.  So if anything happens like if your PayPal account gets phished on accident, or if something gets hacked, the only thing they’ll have access to is a bank account with very little funds in it.  So you can rest assured that they’re not going to be able to drain your life savings, for example.


So that’s just a quick tip I always recommend.  Again, this is for PayPal or anything you’re doing online.  Make sure to keep a separate internet checking account for that, and that will keep you safe.