If you’re one of the 244 million+ users with an active PayPal account, you’ll already be fully aware of the many wonderful things that the online payment system allows you to do. However, with hundreds of millions of transactions taking place every single day, the occasional hiccup is to be expected. When you fall victim to those mishaps, the PayPal customer service department is ready to help.

When To Contact PayPal Customer Service

PayPal might be the platform to facilitate transactions, but you cannot expect them to deal with every issue related to online transactions. If you purchase a product and are sent the wrong item, for example, your first job is to contact the retailer.

Still, there are a number of issues that should be handled by the PayPal customer service team, including;

  • PayPal login problems.
  • Account faults relating to payments and details.
  • Disputes that merchants refuse to settle.
  • Merchants taking multiple payments.
  • Fears of fraud or hacks.

If any of those issues surface, contacting PayPal customer service is key.

How To Contact PayPal Customer Service

Given the wide range of actions that can be completed using PayPal, it’s imperative that you contact the right department depending on the nature of the issue and how quickly you need to find a solution.

There are several ways to contact PayPal customer service, including but not limited to;

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Help Center
  • MTS (Merchant Technical Support)
  • PayPal Community Forums

All of those details can be found on the PayPal contact page. Crucially, this is where you’ll also find a list of potential problems that you may be facing. Simply follow the on-screen prompts to be directed to the right point of contact.

PayPal Customer Service for Developers

If you are a developer, or you have a team of developers working with the PayPal web service APIs for custom integration, you can use the Merchant Technical Support (MTS) system to get help from engineers at PayPal.  This should only be used for technical questions regarding integration of APIs.  Other types of questions should always go through standard PayPal customer service channels.

The PayPal MTS home page includes links to register to Site Status subscriptions, which will keep you informed about any problems PayPal may be experiencing on their end, so that you do not waste any time troubleshooting problems that are not being caused on your end.  It also includes links to support communities that PayPal offers directly as well as 3rd party resources like StackOverflow.  Finally, you can submit a ticket directly to PayPal MTS if you are not able to find your answers through other channels.  This should be done as a last resort, though, so that PayPal’s team is not queued up with loads of tickets about things that are already answered in standard documentation.


Things To Remember When Contacting PayPal

Despite the fact that 99.99% of transactions are handled without an issue, the sheer volume of users ensures that PayPal customer service teams can get very busy. This is especially true around the holiday season or when large-scale hacks target major companies. As such, patience is a virtue.

When speaking to PayPal support staff, it’s equally important to;

  • Make sure that you’ve contacted the right team.
  • Remain polite and friendly at all times – they are trying to help.
  • Be clear and prepare necessary details such as reference numbers to speed up the process.
  • Understand that some issues will need to be looked into and reviewed.

While PayPal customer service is very good, the level of support gained can sometimes be determined by the luck of the draw. If you find that the agent isn’t helping, don’t be afraid to ask for another operator or manager.  The key word is escalate.  Politely request to escalate the call to another representative, and  you might end up with somebody a little more experienced who can provide better help for you.

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