Before You Begin

This setup guide assumes that you have already installed the Split PayPal Credit Card Payment for WooCommerce plugin. If not, please refer to the installation guide before you get started with this tutorial.


1. Go to “WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > PayPal Classic Payment Gateway > View List”

  • You can enable Credit card Split Payments for PayPal Payments Pro 2.0 (PayFlow) and PayPal Website Payments Pro (DoDirectPayment).
  • Click on the view list button of the PayPal Classic Payment gateway for which you wish to enable Split Payments.
  • Make sure the Payment gateway is enabled.
Payment gateways

2. Enable Credit Card Split

  • Scroll down to find Credit Card Split Settings and Check the Enable Credit Card Split option.
2. Enable Credit Card Split

3. Customize Credit Card Split Description (Optional)

3. Customize Credit Card Split Description

4. Customize Credit Card Split Button Label (Optional)

4. Customize Credit Card Split Label

5. Save Changes

  • Scroll down to find the Save Changes button and click on it.
5. Save Changes

Now What?

To understand more about how this plugin works, please go through the User Guide for Split Credit Card Payment for WooCommerce plugin.

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