PayPal Developer Certified

3-Time Star Developer Award Winner

Andrew Angell was presented with the Star Developer Award for his Service to the Developer Community in 2008 and followed that up the Most Innovative Application Award in 2009.  He then took home the X.Commerce Community Builder Award in 2011!  He is not just a PayPal Certified Developer.  He is a Star Developer!

PayPal Developer Certified Star Developer Award Winner

Service to the Community Award

Andrew was awarded for his consistent effort providing general help and answers to questions in the PayPal developer community forum.  He was often offering support to other PayPal certified developers who were stuck with a particular task, and this eventually led to the “Ace Certified Developer” status that he now holds.

Most Innovative Application Award

Andrew was answering questions in the PayPal certified developer forum one day, and that’s when he came across a question where PayPal merchants who were using Payments Pro / Virtual Terminal wanted a way to swipe a credit card instead of being forced to key in card data.

This is how USBSwiper was born, and this led to the Most Innovative Application Award.  USBSwiper was the very first application for swiping credit cards from a laptop or desktop computer.

Community Builder Award

PayPal had just launched a new developer community and Andrew was an essential part of helping this community grow.  Just as he had done for the past few years, he continued providing free support and general help in the PayPal developer forum and this lead to another award, the Community Builder.

PayPal has since moved their community over the StackOverflow platform, and there you will find that Andrew is still the most prolific poster in the PayPal area of SO.