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Add the power negotiation to your WooCommerce store!  Our WooCommerce offers plugin allows potential buyers to “make an offer” for products on your web site.  You may then accept, decline, or counter the offer, and counters may go back and forth until an agreement is reached.



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WooCommerce Offers

Allowing potential buyers to submit an offer for products in a WooCommerce store can be a very powerful thing.  Negotiation tactics come into play which can not only be fun, but will also certainly increase your sales.

“Wheenling-and-dealing” is human nature.  This is something that is often forgotten in the world of online shopping, although, if you are an eBay seller you probably already understand the power of offers.



  • Adds a “Make an Offer” button to products on your WooCommerce web store.
  • Provides a “Make an Offer” form where users can enter the QTY and price for the item they’re interested in as well as their contact information.
  • Email notifications for new offers, accepted offers, counter offers, and declined offers are sent to both the buyer and the site owner.
  • Manage offers from your WordPress control panel through WooCommerce -> Offers just like you would with your WooCommerce orders.
  • Options to enable/disable offers at the product level as well as options for handling inventory tracked items based on how the WooCommerce settings for back-orders are configured.

Benefits of WooCommerce Offers

  • Offers open a direct line of communication with a potential buyer interested in a specific product.
  • Increased conversion rates.  Negotiation is a powerful sales tactic.  Accepting an offer or providing a counter offer that the buyer agrees to gives the buyer a “winner” feeling and can entice them to complete an order when they may not have otherwise.  This can directly affect the conversion rate on your website.
  • Opportunity to up-sell.  With open communication your sales team can work their magic.  For example, imagine you have a product listed for $100 and you have 20 of them in stock.  A potential buyer may submit an offer for 10 units at $80.  You could submit a counter-offer explaining that in order to get that price they would need to purchase all 20 units.  If they agree and complete the order you just increased the revenue on the order by 60%!

40 reviews for Offers for WooCommerce

  1. Carstenm

    easy to understand and work as it have to be. Thank you for that nice plugin. I give you 5*****

  2. Upper Shelf

    turns out I have a theme issue,, Make an Offer Plugin works great, now I just need more customers.
    You won’t find it if you don’t look

  3. schwabgeo

    This plugin is working really well for me and my vintage furniture e-commerce store. Excellent response time to support requests. This is a really nice plugin and considering it’s free – I am blow away!

  4. WPMonkeyATL

    Thank you for the superb plugin, it is extremely useful and works beautifully!

  5. elarson

    I really like your plugin. I’m using it on a donation site for selling paintings to people who want to donate to a cause (disabled artist). We really did not want to price paintings and wanted a way that the artist could easily communicate with people wanting to donate. We’ve been able to configure almost everything the way we wanted it out-of-the-box.

  6. Raja Usman Latif

    The plugin works brilliantly. The support is great too!
    Thanks guys

  7. electricwes

    Have been looking for a “best Offer” plug-in for a while now. Installed it and originally had issues. Contacted the developer and within just a minutes he responded. Together, we tracked the problem to a conflict with another plug-in, and figured a work-a-round. By the next morning, he had patched his plug-in to work with the other. GREAT service!

  8. seprita

    Altough plugin is in beta stage, it works and looks very promising.

  9. kcwebmedia

    This plugin works great, no issues or conflicts that I can see. Customers on woocommerce sites can easily offer their own price with the make offer plugin. Thanks for a great free plugin angelleye.

  10. angelleye

    I built this plugin because a particular client of mine was requesting it, and I decided to turn it into an open solution that anybody can use.

    It’s working great on their website, and they’re loving it!

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