PayPal Complete Payments is a full-stack solution that offers marketplaces and other commerce platforms powerful and flexible payment processing capabilities.

PayPal Complete Payments is now the recommended PayPal payment solution as it allows seamless integration of PayPal’s services with WooCommerce.

1. Enable PayPal Complete Payments Gateway

1. Go to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments tab and enable “PayPal Complete Payments”

Enable PPCP

2. Configure PayPal Complete Payments

To configure PayPal Complete settings, go to the “WooCommerce -> Settings -> Payments” tab and click on the “Setup/Manage” button next to the PayPal Complete Payments Gateway.

Enable PPCP

2.1 Connect to Your PayPal Account

  • Let’s connect your PayPal Merchant account with PayPal Complete Payments so that you can start accepting PayPal payments on your WooCommerce website.
  • Go to the “Account Settings” section and click on the “Connect to PayPal” button.
Note on PayPal Sandbox
  • PayPal Sandbox provides a virtual testing environment where you can initiate and watch while your apps process PayPal API requests without touching any live PayPal accounts. PayPal Sandbox becomes useful if you want to make sure everything works as you expect it to before going live.
  • Our PayPal Complete Payments solution provides an option to enable PayPal Sandbox right in the “Account Settings” section.
  • Clicking on a button will open up a PayPal-hosted popup. Here, you will have to log in and allow your WooCommerce website to connect to your PayPal account.
PPCP Onbaording1
PPCP Onbaording2
PPCP Onbaording3
  • Once the setup is completed, your Account Settings section should have PayPal credentials filled in.
Connected to PayPal
  • Please refer to the GIF below to see how the complete onboarding flow looks like.
Connected to PayPal

That’s it! Your WooCommerce website is now ready to receive payments via PayPal.

Our PayPal Complete Payments solution provides many useful features such as Smart Payment buttons, PayLater messaging, and other advanced settings.

Most of these features improve user experience on your website, and hence these are enabled by default. The default configuration should work best for you, but let’s discuss each option in detail if you would like to customize things.

3. PayPal Smart Payment Buttons Settings

PayPal Smart Payment Buttons provide a variety of ways to control the look and feel of payment buttons on your website as well as the user experience based on the payment type selected. With Smart Payment Buttons, you can customize the following aspects of your payment buttons:


  • Size, Color, and Shape.
  • Payment types:  PayPal Checkout, PayPal Credit, Credit Cards, and Venmo
  • Layout: Horizontal vs. Vertical button display.
smart buttons_iphone12black_portrait

4. PayPal Pay Later Messaging

PayPal for WooCommerce incorporates the most effective ways to promote PayPal Credit as per PayPal’s best practices, visuals, and guidelines for promoting PayPal Credit.

Please take a look at our detailed article on PayPal Buy Now Pay Later Integration.

unnamed (1)_iphone12black_landscape

5. Advanced Settings

Payment Action

Payment Action allows you to adjust how you want to process the original transaction.

  • Capture: This option will immediately capture the funds and move the money into your PayPal account.
  • Authorize: This will authorize the funds for the transaction on the buyer’s account, but it will not actually capture the funds and move any money into your account.
    • When you are ready, you may capture the funds for the authorized order from the WooCommerce order screen.

Please take a look at our detailed article on WooCommerce PayPal Authorize and Capture documentation.

Invoice Prefix

The Invoice Prefix option allows you to set a value for the prefix on invoice IDs generated by WooCommerce.

This can help resolve duplicate invoice issues that may arise if you’re using PayPal Complete Payments on multiple websites. A prefix is also required to avoid declined payments when this happens.

Skip Final Review

Enable this option to eliminate the additional review page that shows up when PayPal returns a user to your site.

  • The checkout system does not know the buyer’s shipping address until after they have signed in to PayPal. Once they are returned to your site, shipping and tax are calculated based on the shipping address returned by PayPal. A final review page is displayed to break down the buyer’s final totals before completing the order.
  • If you are selling products that do not require shipping and/or tax, you may decide to skip this final review page so that users will complete their payment on the PayPal pages. With this option enabled, PayPal will redirect the users back to your final “checkout complete” page instead of a review page, and there will be no further action required to complete the payment.
Coupon Codes

Enable this option to allow usage of Coupon codes on the Final Review page.

  • Usually, coupon codes are only allowed on the Cart page or the checkout page.
  • Enabling this option will allow the customer to enter a coupon code even after returning from the PayPal payment popup.
Brand Name

This controls what users will see for the brand/company name on PayPal review pages.



Landing Page

With this option, you can choose which type of page the user should see by default when they reach the PayPal login.

  • No Preference: Decided by PayPal based on the customer’s previous logins.
  • Login: This will make the PayPal login option the default option.
  • Billing: This will make the full credit card form the default option and is more obvious to non-PayPal users that they can pay you without creating an account.

Instant Payments

If you enable this setting, PayPal will be instructed not to allow the buyer to use funding sources that take additional time to complete (for example, eChecks). Instead, the buyer will be required to use an instant funding source, such as an instant transfer, a credit/debit card, or PayPal Credit.

Billing Address

When a buyer uses a PayPal Checkout from a product page or the shopping cart page on your site, the application does not know their address because they are skipping the checkout page.

In these cases, PayPal returns a shipping address to the site, and by default, this is the only address that gets saved with the WooCommerce order.  The billing address gets left blank.

Enable this option if you would like the WooCommerce order to populate the billing address using the same address that PayPal returns for shipping

Advanced Credit Cards

Please visit this page for more information on enabling Advanced Credit and Debit Card payments.

Advanced Credit Card Setup for PayPal

3D Secure

Standard payments and advanced credit and debit card payments processing includes support for providing customer authentication with 3D Secure.

Use 3D Secure to authenticate cardholders through card issuers. It reduces the likelihood of fraud when you use supported cards and improves transaction performance. A successful 3D Secure authentication can shift liability for fraudulent chargebacks from the merchant to the card issuer.

Debug Log

Log PayPal events, such as Webhook, Payment, Refund inside wp-content/uploads/wc-logs/angelleye_ppcp.log 

Note: this may log personal information. We recommend using this for debugging purposes only and deleting the logs when finished.