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How to Install the Angell EYE PHP Class Library for PayPal

Video Demo Introduction The first step towards building any application using the Angell EYE PHP Class Library for PayPal is to actually download and install it within our project. I will be using PHPStorm through-out this tutorial, but you can use any IDE / editor you’re comfortable with. We will cover two methods of downloading and […]

PHP Class Library for PayPal 2.0.2 Update Released

Updates Included Adds UpdateAuthorization API Adds GetUserAgreement API Adjusts WarningsReturned() to include any result with “warning” instead of only looking for SUCCESSWITHWARNING. Adds option to print headers or not when making API calls. Removes obsolete BetaSandbox data. Improves logging by adding option to enable/disable as well as specify log path. Adds phpDoc comments through-out the […]