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PHP Class Library for PayPal 2.0.2 Update Released

Updates Included Adds UpdateAuthorization API Adds GetUserAgreement API Adjusts WarningsReturned() to include any result with “warning” instead of only looking for SUCCESSWITHWARNING. Adds option to print headers or not when making API calls. Removes obsolete BetaSandbox data. Improves logging by adding option to enable/disable as well as specify log path. Adds phpDoc comments through-out the […]

Recovering from PayPal Express Checkout Funding Failures

PayPal Express Checkout works by allowing buyers to utilize their PayPal digital wallet in order to make purchases.  This digital wallet may consist of bank account(s), debit card(s), and/or credit card(s). During checkout, the buyer chooses which funding method they would like to use for this particular transaction.  If the funding source chosen was not […]