Drew Angell

Drew Angell

PayPal Partner and Certified Developer

As owner and lead developer within AngellEYE, his responsibilities include everything from day-to-day business management to the development of web and mobile applications.

He is also a board member for the Campaign for Aging Research which runs programs like HealthyYears.org and ElderHelpers.org, the Kansas City Table Tennis Club, which provides a place to play competitive table tennis in Kansas City, and works closely as a volunteer with a local non-profit, The HALO Foundation – Helping Art Liberate Orphans.

Drew is heavily involved with PayPal.  He is a certified PayPal developer (one of only 13 in the world that reached the ACE Developer status), an official PayPal Partner, and a PayPal Ambassador.  He was also given the PayPal Star Developer Award at the developer conferences in 2008, 2009, and 2011.

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