PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP Application

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This web-based PayPal Virtual Terminal can be used as a replacement for the one that PayPal provides.  You may place it on your web host and run it directly from your own website domain.

  • Compatible with Website Payments Pro 3.0, Payments Pro 2.0, and REST
  • Lower Transaction Fees
  • Ability to Swipe Credit Cards Using a USB Credit Card Reader
  • Run from Your Own Website and Avoid Logging in to PayPal


Product Description

PayPal Virtual Terminal

The PayPal Virtual Terminal is provided by PayPal as an add-on to the Payments Pro product.  It allows you to easily process phone, fax, and mail orders instantly from within your account.  This PHP application replicates this functionality (and improves upon it) in a basic PayPal Virtual Terminal replica that you install on your own website domain.  This allows you to process credit cards the same way you would using the PayPal Virtual Terminal they provide, but with a few added benefits.

Lower Transaction Fees

PayPal typically charges a flat-rate for processing payments based on your avg. monthly volume.  The break-down is as follows:

Avg. Monthly Volume PayPal Fee Rate
$0 – $3,000 2.9% + 30¢
$3,001 – $10,000 2.5% + 30¢
$10,001 – $100k 2.2% + 30¢
$100k+ Negotiable with PayPal.

What many people don’t realize, though, is that PayPal charges a slightly higher rate for PayPal Virtual Terminal transactions than they do for other transactions. Virtual Terminal transactions would follow a similar model, but with slightly higher fees:

Avg. Monthly Volume PayPal Fee Rate
$0 – $3,000 3.1% + 30¢
$3,001 – $10,000 2.7% + 30¢
$10,001 – $100k 2.4% + 30¢
$100k+ Negotiable with PayPal.

Because our PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP application utilizes the Payments Pro and REST APIs you will get the lower rate model. This can save you a lot of money over the course of a year if you are processing a lot of PayPal Virtual Terminal transactions.


PayPal provides a variety of products that allow you to process credit cards including PayPal Website Payments Pro 3.0, PayPal Payments Pro 2.0, and the PayPal REST API. However, the PayPal Virtual Terminal is only provided if you have the full Payments Pro solution.

Our PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP application is compatible with each of these products, so you can use it even if you’re using the REST API, which does not require PayPal Pro and carries no monthly fee.

Credit Card Swipe

The PayPal Virtual Terminal requires you to key in all of the credit card data in order to process credit cards. This can be time consuming, especially if you are in a retail shop or at a trade show or something similar where you have a line of people waiting to pay for their products. Our PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP application adds the ability to swipe the credit card instead of typing the information which can save you lots of time and avoids data entry errors.

In order to use the swipe capability provided by the solution you will need a USB credit card reader that outputs data as keyboard emulation and includes both track 1 and track 2 from the card stripe. We recommend using credit card readers from our partner, USBSwiper.

Avoid Logging in to PayPal Account

The website can be annoyingly slow at times, and it will timeout on you quite often forcing you to keep logging in again. This can be problematic if you’re trying to process payments through-out the course of a day.

Our PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP app is installed on your own website host and loaded from your own domain. This way you do not have to log in to PayPal to use it, and you can protect the solution using your own methods from your own server.

14 reviews for PayPal Virtual Terminal PHP Application

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  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Thanks for make it free. I was looking for something to get started with PayPal integrations.

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    • Drew (store manager)

      Happy it’s helping! This will work for now, but please be aware this is a bit outdated now. PayPal has replaced this with “PayPal Commerce Platform” which is a REST API that includes “Advanced Credit Cards”. You get reduced fees so you’ll save money on this new system. Please contact me directly at our help desk and I can give you some more guidance on getting setup with an updated solution we have available.

  2. Paul

    Great stuff

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  3. Long Doan (verified owner)


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  4. Don West (verified owner)

    Excellent way to host your own virtual PayPal terminal to use in store or any location where you need to take payments. All you need is a card swiped, this plug-in, and you’re ready to roll! This company creates THE best apps for integrating PayPal to your site and business. Great support as well!

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    • Drew (store manager)

      Thanks so much for the kind words! Glad you like the VT tool! 🙂

  5. Ivan Don Francisco (verified owner)

    need virtual terminal for my business will grow

    Image #1 from Ivan Don Francisco
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    • Drew (store manager)

      Happy that it’s working well for you! 🙂

  6. Dean

    Is there anyway to get this to print a receipt, to a receipt printer?

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  7. Nick Steele

    Incredible! Within 10 minutes of downloading this I was up and running a sandbox site. You’re making the world a better place! Thank you!

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Glad it helped! One caveat you’ll want to look out for is that you need to make sure your live PayPal account is configured to use DoDirectPayment. Some versions of Payments Pro only work with the PayFlow gateway. If you happen to have that this would need to be integrated with PayFlow instead of DoDirectPayment, but my class library can handle that pretty easily for you.

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