CodeIgniter PayPal Integration – Express Checkout Basic Demo

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Get an in depth look at how to integrate PayPal Express Checkout into CodeIgniter PHP applications with this fully functional demo kit.

This demo kit includes:
Basic PayPal Express Checkout Integration


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PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal Express Checkout is the most popular method of integrating PayPal payments using web service APIs.  It has many advantages over PayPal Standard including advanced features and flexibility.

CodeIgniter PayPal Integration Demo Kit

Our FREE CodeIgniter PayPal Library includes basic samples of many PayPal API calls that work out of the box.  These samples are simply the individual calls on their own, though, and may not provide the necessary guidance if you are not already familiar with the PayPal API calls you will be working with.

This demo kit is based on our CodeIgniter PayPal Library, but it includes a fully functional static shopping cart displayed within a basic Bootstrap design, and the PayPal Express Checkout APIs are fully integrated into this demo.  This provides an in depth look at exactly what calls are made and when within the process of a shopping cart checkout in CodeIgniter.

PayPal Express Checkout Basic Integration

This FREE demo kit includes a basic PayPal Express Checkout integration.  The API calls are made with minimal required parameters to process a payment.

  • Shopping cart with items is displayed.
  • Click to login to PayPal account (sandbox account credentials provided if you do not have your own.)
  • API call to setup the PayPal checkout is made and the buyer is redirected to PayPal.
    • Only an order amount and basic order description are included with the basic demo.
  • Buyer logs in and reviews the order/payment details.
  • Buyer is returned to site and API call is made to gather buyer’s information (ie. contact info and shipping address).
  • Final review is displayed with shipping and tax amounts included.
  • API calls is made to finalize the order and process the payment.
  • Demo completes at a payment successful page.

Additional Demo Kits

For more advanced features of Express Checkout and other PayPal APIs take a look at our CodeIgniter PayPal Demo Kits collection.

5 reviews for CodeIgniter PayPal Integration – Express Checkout Basic Demo

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  1. Chris Nadovich

    Seems really good. I had no trouble getting the basic demo running or in integrating it into my CodeIgniter application. My only concern is the future of NVP — PayPal seems to have depreciated the “classic” API, but the new stuff doesn’t have a nice CodeIgniter template/demo like this great AngellEye system. Also, the new stuff seems to have security issues. Maybe you could commont on this Andrew.

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Hi Chris,

      We have all of the new stuff built into our standard PHP library for PayPal. You can install it into CodeIgniter using Composer, and it includes even more samples and templates than our CI specific libraries.

      The library includes the Classic (NVP/SOAP) as well as the new REST APIs. As of today, you’ll want to grab the dev branch from GitHub. We’re just about to officially release the 3.0 update to make all of the new stuff official, and we’ll also be releasing lots of new demo kits and step-by-step tutorials to go along with it.

      Our goal is to have that released and ready for the new year. Stay tuned!

  2. jiang


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  3. Munna Khan

    The PayPal library works fine on local server but returns nothing on live server. not even any errors.

    [ERRORS] => Array

    only REQUESTDATA and RAWREQUEST have values.
    How can i solve this?

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      If you are getting an empty response then there must be some sort of a CURL error happening. You would need to catch CURL errors to see what that might be. Are you familiar with that?

  4. Munna Khan

    Works fine on local server but in live server return entry in [RAWRESPONSE]
    What can be possible issues? Please help. Thanks

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Did you mean that it returns empty? If that’s happening there must be a cURL error happening. You would need to catch any curl errors and see what that might be.

  5. csrockstar

    This was the quickest way to setup a payment system, at least for me. However, I want to let my customer pay each other. How do I do that using this download in codeigniter?

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Will buyers be going through a checkout, and you just want the payment to go to a 3rd party? Or do you want users of your platform to be able to send simple payments to each other without any checkout involved?

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