This user guide covers the general use of the PayPal Notify FileMaker IPN solution.

If you have yet to install the solution you should review our setup guide and then come back here.

Global Settings
  • When the PayPal IPN FileMaker database loads it will switch to the global_settings layout.
  • The logos displayed are container files that you can switch out if you would like to.
    • NOTE:  In order for the container fields to hold your new image you may need to close the file on the FileMaker Server, open in locally in FileMaker Pro, switch out the logos in the container, and then open it again on FileMaker Server.
  • If you ever have any questions or concerns you can use the Open Support Ticket to load our Help Desk.  We’ll be happy to help!

PayPal Notify FileMaker User Guide Global Settings

Global Settings Layout in PayPal IPN FileMaker Database

PayPal IPN Raw Data Log in FileMaker
  • Every request to your PayPal IPN listener URL will be logged in the ipn_raw table / layout in FileMaker.
  • This includes the string value of the IPN data as well as a parsed array value for easier reading.
  • This is also where the IPN gets labeled as either Verified or Invalid.
    • The status of the IPN can be obtained through the ipn_raw::ipn_status field in FileMaker.

FileMaker PayPal IPN Raw Data

PayPal Notify FileMaker IPN Raw Data Log

PayPal IPN Transactions Log in FileMaker
  • Each PayPal IPN that hits the PayPal Notify FileMaker solution gets saved into the ipn_transactions table in FileMaker.
  • Every individual parameter from the PayPal IPN is stored in its own FileMaker field that corresponds to the name of the IPN variable it was sent in.
  • If the transaction was a shopping cart payment, any item details included on the order will be displayed in the Transaction Cart Items portal.
  • If the transaction is a Mass Pay transaction, the related payments associated with the MassPay transaction will be displayed in the Transaction Mass Payments portal.

PayPal Notify FileMaker User Guide IPN Transactions

PayPal IPN transactions logged in FileMaker.

PayPal IPN FileMaker Relationships
  • The PayPal Notify FileMaker tables that store the PayPal IPN data are related based on record IDs in FileMaker.
  • You can access data you need from any table using the relationships accordingly.

PayPal Notify FileMaker User Guide Relationships

Relationship graph from the PayPal IPN FileMaker solution file.

Need More Help?

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to open a support ticket and we will be happy to assist you.