PayPal for WooCommerce

PayPal Complete Payments

PayPal Complete Payments is a full-stack solution that offers marketplaces and other commerce platforms powerful and flexible payment processing capabilities.


We’ve Got You Covered


Easy Onboarding

Use our one-click login solution to connect your PayPal account with PayPal Complete Payments gateway in no time!

PayPal Smart Buttons

PayPal Checkout with customizable Smart Payment Buttons gives your buyers a simplified and secure checkout experience

PayPal Pay Later Messaging

Use customizable Pay Later messaging to promote PayPal Credit as per PayPal’s best practices, visuals, and guidelines.

Make It Yours

Customize Payment Action, Invoice Prefix, Coupon codes, landing page, and brand names.


Highly Secure

Enjoy PayPal features such as PayPal Purchase Protection, Paypal Seller Protection, and 3D Secure out of the box


Advanced Options

Use advanced options such as Instant payments, debug log, 3D secure to customize how you handle payments.

Seamless Integration

PayPal for WooCommerce is built for WooCommerce and completely integrates with WooCommerce options!

Excellent Support

Use our AngellEye Help Desk to raise tickets for your issues and get them resolved in no time!

PayPal Complete Payments - what has changed

What Has Changed?

In our latest update to PayPal for WooCommerce, we have added a new PayPal Complete Payments gateway and moved the older gateways such as PayPal Express Checkout, PayFlow, DoDirectPayment, PayPal Advanced, and PayPal Credit Card to PayPal Classic Payment Gateways.

We recommend using the PayPal Complete Payments gateway.

Switching from PayPal Classic?

If you are trying to switch from Express Checkout, PayFlow, or DoDirect Payment, please note that the following features are still in development and are not supported in PayPal Complete Payments today.

  • PayPal for WooCommerce Multi-account support.

If you are not using any of the above, you can switch to PayPal Complete Payments without any issues.

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