Custom Auction Posting Solutions

Getting your products onto eBay can be an overwhelming task. Putting together and eye-appealing auction that maintains the same look and feel when actually posted on eBay can be troublesome in itself. All too often sellers find themselves settling for un-professional auction templates that do not match their web site simply because of the time and effort involved in getting started.

Sure, you’ve tried solutions that claim to ease and automate much of this process, and some of them are pretty nice tools. However, they just don’t do what YOU need them to do in exactly the way YOU need it done. This is where Angell EYE can help.

  • Custom eBay auction template design to match your current web site or business scheme.
  • Automated generation of inventory feeds for eBay Selling Manager Pro.
  • Custom tools to automatically post eBay auctions for products from directly within your current inventory management solution!
  • Automatically post 1 product at a time, or every item in your inventory all at once!
  • Custom shipping calculators including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and even!
  • And more

No Hassle Auction Management

Now you’ve got ten, twenty, even hundreds of auctions posted on eBay. How are you going to manage all of these auctions!? As a certified eBay developer, Angell EYE can provide custom solutions that handle everything necessary.

  • Automatically revise live auctions
  • Real-Time auction reports
  • Custom integration of Non-Paying Bidder management
  • eBay Question Management
  • Integrated Best Offer solutions
  • And much more!!

Completing the Sale – Collecting Your Money!

eBay has a great selection of tools available to help you manage your sales and stay organized at the end of your auctions. When that’s not enough, turn to Angell EYE for help.

  • Custom Checkout Redirect Solutions
  • PayPal Standard or Payments Pro Integration
  • Custom shipping calculators including UPS, FedEx, USPS, and even!
  • Real-Time synchronization of eBay and your local solution for marking items paid, shipped, and more!