PayPal WordPress Button Manager

PayPal WordPress Button Manager

Project Description

PayPal WordPress Button Manager is a plugin that replicates the PayPal button manager experience within the WordPress admin panel.  It makes it very quick and easy to create secure PayPal payment buttons and provides shortcodes for easy placement on WordPress pages and posts.

Project Details

Platform WordPress
Release Date June 2015

PayPal WordPress Button Manager

Replicates Button Manager

We have reproduced the 3-step experience that provides for creating PayPal payment buttons within the WordPress platform.  This provides an experience users are already comfortable with, but without the need to sign in to PayPal in a separate browser window.

Manage PayPal Buttons in WordPress

The PayPal WordPress buttons are managed the same as any custom post type in WordPress.  You can easily browse, search, and view details for any given button.  You can then edit or delete buttons, and choose whether or not to also delete buttons from PayPal when you delete them from WordPress.



PayPal WordPress Buttons List
PayPal WordPress Button Manager

Easy Placement of PayPal Buttons

There are a number of simple ways that you can place PayPal buttons you have created into WordPress pages and posts.

  1. PayPal shortcodes drop-down list in the visual editor for Pages / Posts.
  2. Copy/Paste the WordPress shortcode into a Page / Post editor.
  3. Copy/Paste the full HTML snippet into a Page / Post editor.
  4. Copy/Paste the basic URL for use in emails, social media, or basic links.

Supports Multiple PayPal Accounts

The PayPal WordPress Button Manager plugin provides the ability to setup multiple companies / PayPal accounts for use in the system.  This allows you to create and manage buttons for products / services you might be selling through different accounts.  It also allows you to easily setup separate accounts for creating live buttons or test buttons using a PayPal sandbox account.




PayPal WordPress Button Manager Multiple PayPal Accounts

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Customize and Contribute

Feel free to contribute to PayPal WP Button Manager plugin through our GitHub repo.  We’d love to merge your pull requests and help improve the plugin!