Offers for WooCommerce

Project Description

Offers for WooCommerce provides an experience similar to what you would find with eBay’s “Best Offer” system.  Potential buyers are able to submit an offer for a particular product by entering the quantity they would like at the price they would like.  Store owners may accept, decline, or counter the offer, and counters may go back and forth until an agreement is reached.

Project Details

Platform WordPress / WooCommerce
Release Date February, 2015

Offers for WooCommerce - Make an Offer

Potential Buyers Make an Offer

Potential buyers may submit an offer for a product or service in your WordPress / WooCommerce store.  They enter the quantity and price per unit that they would like to pay, as well as their general contact information.  This puts you in direct contact with an interested buyer!

Email Notifications

Email notifications are sent to both the potential buyer and the store owner providing details about the offer and updates on the current status.
Offers for WooCommerce - Email Notification
Offers for WooCommerce - Manage Offer Details

Manage Offers in WooCommerce

Offers that potential buyers submit are saved in the WordPress admin panel and can be easily managed from the WooCommerce -> Offers menu the same way you would manage WooCommerce orders.

You have options to accept, decline, or submit a counter offer, as well as adding notes or utilizing features like a final offer or expiration date to entice your buyer to complete their checkout.

Buyer Email Notifications

Depending on the action taken by the store owner the potential buyer will receive a different email with the details of the offer.  An accepted offer will include a link to pay for the order.  A counter offer will include a link to pay for the order as well as a link to submit a counter offer back to the store owner.  A declined offer will simply notify the user accordingly.

Offers for WooCommerce - Accepted Offer
Offers for WooCommerce - Counter Offer
Offers for WooCommerce - Decline Offer

Counter Offers

One of the most powerful features in the Offers for WooCommerce plugin is the ability for store owners and potential buyers to submit counter-offers back and forth to each other.

This ability to negotiate opens all sorts windows for sales leads and establishes a direct line of contact with an interested buyer.  You might be able to turn a request for 10 units into an order for 100!  You could sell more through offers than you ever do with standard pricing.

Don’t miss the opportunities.  Add Offers for WooCommerce to your site and start receiving offers today!

Offers for WooCommerce - Counter Offer Form

Offers for WooCommerce Video Overview

Get Offers for WooCommerce FREE

Download the Offers for WooCommerce plugin from the official WordPress plugin directory.

Customize and Contribute

Feel free to contribute to Offers for WooCommerce through our GitHub repo.  We’d love to merge your pull requests and help improve the plugin!