PayPal Express Checkout PHP Line Items Demo Project


Fully functional PayPal Express Checkout PHP demo project that is a great resource for how to integrate PayPal web services using our PayPal PHP SDK.

This demo expands upon a basic PayPal Express Checkout integration to include itemized details in the payment request.  This allows you to see the item details when viewing transaction details in your PayPal account.


This PayPal Express Checkout PHP demonstration utilizes our PayPal PHP SDK which comes with basic samples and template files for free, however, this demo is much more in depth.

  • Built on a basic Bootstrap design for a shopping cart.
  • Shopping cart built with static PHP session data for purposes of looping through shopping cart data to build PayPal API requests.
  • All PayPal API call code is heavily commented with details about what each small snippet of code is doing, so that you can easily follow the flow of the shopping cart and how it works with each PayPal API call.

Express Checkout Details

The PayPal Express Checkout API includes lots of optional features, some more advanced than others.

This project demo kit expands up on our basic PayPal Express Checkout PHP integration demo project by adding itemized shopping cart details to the API requests.  This will make the item details available in the PayPal transaction details, as well as obtainable within PayPal reports, IPN notifications and other API calls like GetTransactionDetails.

This demo does NOT cover features like:

  • Billing Agreements / Reference Transactions
  • Recurring Payments Profiles (Subscriptions)
  • Parallel (Split) Payments

If you are interested in other demo projects that include these features and more, check out our other PayPal PHP API demo kits.


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