WooCommerce Update Tips

Introduction WooCommerce is widely used and loved by many. ¬†There is one thing about it, though, that can cause nightmares for people; the WooCommerce update release. If you have tools that automatically update your WordPress plugins for you and you aren’t...

PayPal SSL Error – POODLE Vulnerability

What is POODLE?POODLE is an internet security vulnerability that impacts the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 3.0 protocol, which was designed to ensure secure connections when browsing the Internet.  When exploited, this vulnerability enables a cyber criminal to gain...

WooCommerce Add Custom Cart Fee Snippet

Recently I was contacted by a user of our PayPal for WooCommerce extension to inform me of a bug in the plugin. Custom fees were not getting included in the cart totals. As such, PayPal would return an invalid cart totals error upon checkout. Doh! I needed a quick way...
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