We have just released updated versions of our PHP class libraries for PayPal (one standard and one specific to CodeIgniter).  The new version includes the following updates:


  • Corrected bug in update to SetExpressCheckout() to avoid PHP warnings when a TOKEN isn’t available.
  • Updated library method Preapproval(). The $ClientDetails array was using an incorrect name ($ClientDetails vs. $ClientDetailsFields). Also added missing namespace.
  • Updated library method PreapprovalDetails(). The XML elements were missing the namespace.
  • Fixed bugs in GetBasicPersonalData and GetAdvancedPersonalData that were causing invalid XML to get sent to PayPal.
  • Updated the Pay() method to use the correct Return URL for DigitalGoods payments.
  • Fixed problem in library method GetPaymentOptions() that was causing parsing errors with the PayPal response.
  • Fixed incorrect field name in CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile request arrays. AUTOBILLAMT updated to AUTOBILLOUTAMT
  • Fixed Pay request so that it will send lowercase values for the primary parameter (true/false). PayPal returns an error if you send TRUE/FALSE
  • Fixed a problem in SetPaymentOptions() where the receiverOptions node in the XML request was not getting generated correctly.

New Features

  • Split Adaptive and PayFlow extended classes into separate files.
  • Updated PayPal API Version to 95.0
  • Added PayFlow class to the library.
  • Added BMButtonSearch
  • Added PayWithOptions() function to the library which combines both Pay() and SetPaymentOptions().

Download PayPal PHP Library (Standard)

Download PayPal PHP Library (CodeIgniter)