Angell EYE FileMaker PayPal Functions Documentation


This solution file loads a set of External Functions into FileMaker that provide direct access to PayPal’s web service API’s.
The functions work exactly the same as any other function you use within a FileMaker calculation.  You simply pass in request parameters and the function handles the rest.
All PayPal response data is stored in the solution file in a single table as global fields so the data is immediately accessible via your FileMaker script to populate your own tables/layouts, make calculations, etc.



I’ve provided demo/training videos to go along with this documentation.  They’re available in the FileMaker PayPal Custom Functions category of the blog.

PayPal Resources

All of the functions provided were built using the same request parameter names (at least as closely as possible) that PayPal uses in their web services.  As such, if you need information about what exactly a request parameter value should be you can find those details in PayPal’s documentation.  I’ll link you directly to the documentation for each call below so you don’t have to worry about wading through all of their stuff.
The same goes for response data.  Each link below will provide all of the details you need about what exactly the data coming back to you means.

FileMaker PayPal Functions

AE_PayPal_AddressVerify – The AddressVerify API operation confirms whether a postal address and postal code match those of the specified PayPal account holder.

AE_PayPal_BillOutstandingAmount – The BillOutstandingAmount API operation bills the buyer for the outstanding balance associated with a recurring payments profile.

AE_PayPal_CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile – The CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile API operation creates a recurring payments profile.

AE_PayPal_DoAuthorization – Authorize a payment.

AE_PayPal_DoCapture – Captures an authorized payment.

AE_PayPal_DoDirectPayment – The DoDirectPayment API Operation enables you to process a credit card payment.

AE_PayPal_DoNonReferencedCredit – The DoNonReferencedCredit API issues a credit to a card not referenced by the original transaction.

AE_PayPal_DoReauthorization – Reauthorize an existing authorization to extend its valid period.

AE_PayPal_DoReferenceTransaction – The DoReferenceTransaction API operation processes a payment from a buyer’s account, which is identified by a previous transaction.

AE_PayPal_DoVoid – Void an order or an authorization.

AE_PayPal_GetBalance – The GetBalance API Operation obtains the available balance for a PayPal account.

AE_PayPal_GetBillingAgreementCustomerDetails – The GetBillingAgreementCustomerDetails API operation obtains information about a billing agreement’s PayPal account holder.

AE_PayPal_GetRecurringPaymentsProfileDetails – The GetRecurringPaymentsProfileDetails API operation obtains information about a recurring payments profile.

AE_PayPal_GetTransactionDetails – The GetTransactionDetails API operation obtains information about a specific transaction.

AE_PayPal_ManageRecurringPaymentsProfileStatus – The ManageRecurringPaymentsProfileStatus API operation cancels, suspends, or reactivates a recurring payments profile.

AE_PayPal_ManagePendingTransactionStatus – The ManagePendingTransactionStatus API operation accepts or denys a pending transaction held by Fraud Management Filters.

AE_PayPal_MassPay – The MassPay API operation makes a payment to one or more PayPal account holders.

AE_PayPal_RefundTransaction – The RefundTransaction API operation issues a refund to the PayPal account holder associated with a transaction.

AE_PayPal_TransactionSearch – The TransactionSearch API searches transaction history for transactions that meet the specified criteria.

AE_PayPal_UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile – The UpdateRecurringPaymentsProfile API operation updates a recurring payments profile.