Angell EYE PayPal Class Nominated for Innovation Award

Andrew Angell, owner of Angell EYE, has been nominated for the Innovation Award for his work on a custom PayPal library that includes Adaptive Payments.

Please take a moment to vote for Andrew and help spread the word about this useful PayPal class. Much appreciated!!

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  1. You have my vote bud! Merry Christmas & keep up the good work.

    • Thanks! Much appreciated!!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I need your support for the integration of the paypal adaptive class in drupal CMS. For this I’m working on custom module.

    Everything is working fine but I facing one problem:

    During notification URL I must need to save the payer information into database and send an email to payer with product information and for this I need to do some coding stuff.

    But during notification URL or return URL I unable to find any returning parameter from paypal side in $_REQUEST method and it is empty.

    I really need this returning parameters to update the database with payer information

    I’m using class from this tutorials:

    I have set up the code for return URL and notification URL on these pages but not getting any thing:

    ‘ReturnURL’ => $base_url.’/buy-hd-template-notification’

    ‘IPNNotificationURL’ => $base_url.’/buy-hd-template-notification’,

    Please let me know how I get all payment related information in case of notification URL with this class.

    I would like to share you the custom module of drupal after successful integration…:)

    Please let me know ASAP

    Thanks in advance!



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