WordPress PayPal IPN Plugin

WordPress PayPal IPN Plugin

Project Description

Our WordPress PayPal IPN plugin brings the power of PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification system to your WordPress website.  The plugin receives and saves all IPN data sent from PayPal when a transaction of any kind is processed, and it provides hooks to easily trigger your own events (functions) based on the transaction type or status.

Project Details

Platform WordPress / PayPal
Release Date January, 2015

WordPress PayPal IPN Plugin

Fully Functional PayPal IPN Listener

The WordPress PayPal IPN plugin includes a fully functional IPN listener solution.  Immediately upon installing and activating the plugin you can configure your PayPal IPN settings to begin sending notifications to your site.

The plugin will receive data when PayPal sends it, verify that the data is valid with PayPal’s servers, and then save a record of the IPN data in WordPress as a custom post type.

Extension Hooks Available

The WordPress PayPal IPN plugin acts as a foundation for extending and customizing to suit your own needs.  There are hooks provided for all of the different IPN types and payment statuses you might receive so that you can easily trigger your own functions within your theme or a custom plugin extension.
WordPress PayPal IPN Developer Hooks

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