WordPress MailChimp Integration Using PayPal IPN

WordPress MailChimp Integration PayPal IPN

Project Description

With this premium extension to our PayPal IPN for WordPress plugin we take a unique approach to WordPress MailChimp Integration by tying it into PayPal IPN directly.  This allows site owners to automatically add the email address from transactions that occur on their PayPal account to their MailChimp newsletter list.  This completely automates the process and saves site owners time.

Project Details

Platform WordPress/ PayPal IPN
Release Date May, 2015

PayPal MailChimp IPN WordPress

Automatic MailChimp Updates

When a PayPal transaction hits your PayPal account their server sends the IPN notification to your WordPress IPN listener.  With the WordPress MailChimp integration options configured in the IPN settings, the email address from the transaction will be automatically added to the specified MailChimp list.

Configuration Settings

Options to enable / disable the WordPress MailChimp integration based on the type of PayPal transaction that occurred.

WordPress MailChimp Integration via PayPal IPN