PayPal Plus WooCommerce Extension

PayPal Plus WooCommerce Extension

Project Description

PayPal Plus WooCommerce adds PayPal Plus to your WooCommerce website quickly and easily.  PayPal Plus includes PayPal payments, credit card payments, and pay by invoice in a single integration.

Project Details

Platform WordPress / WooCommerce
Release Date Sept, 2016

PayPal Plus WooCommerce Payment Options

Multiple Payment Options

PayPal Plus adds multiple payment options with a single plugin giving your customers the flexibility they are looking for when shopping online.

  • PayPal Payments
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Pay by Invoice

Seamless WooCommerce Integration

PayPal Plus WooCommerce integrates seamlessly into your WooCommerce checkout page providing a simple, but professional experience for your buyers.

PayPal Plus WooCommerce Seamless Integration
PayPal Plus WooCommerce Germany Mexico Brazil

Germany, Mexico, Brazil

PayPal Plus is specifically designed for PayPal accounts based in Germany, Mexico, and Brazil.  It provides the ability to accept PayPal payments, credit cards, direct debit (ELV), and pay upon invoice through a single, PCI compliant, PayPal hosted iFrame on your WooCommerce website.