PayPal PayFlow Recurring Billing Refund App

PayPal PayFlow Recurring Billing Refund App

Project Description

Artilent Technologies came to us seeking a solution that would allow them to cancel PayPal PayFlow recurring payments profiles while at the same time calculating and processing a prorated refund amount when applicable.  With the use of this app Artilent employees have been able to reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks by 95%!

Project Details

Client Artilent Technologies
Date 05.08.2015
Skills CodeIgniter 3.0 PHP, PayPal / PayFlow APIs

PayPal PayFlow Recurring Payments Refund App

Profile Details

The application provides a simple form where users can enter the profile ID they wish to cancel / refund.  A date picker is also provided in case the user needs to enter a custom date to base the prorated refund amount on.

Upon submission, the application sends a request to the PayPal / PayFlow API to obtain profile details including any payment history that is available for the profile.

The user may review the details provided and then click a button which triggers the app to cancel the profile as well as calculate the prorated refund amount and process the refund accordingly.

Once everything is completed the results are returned to the user.

Responsive and Organized

The application design was built using Twitter Bootstrap so that is it completely responsive.  This gives you the best experience for both desktop and mobile users.

The application as a whole was developed using the CodeIgniter 3.0 framework for PHP.  This MVC framework allows you to keep code organized and maintain total separation from design and code logic.


Twitter Bootstrap Responsive Design
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