PayPal IPN PHP Template

PayPal IPN PHP Template

Project Description

This is a basic solution that receives PayPal IPN data and saves it in a MySQL database.  It also provides a simple admin panel to view and manage the IPN data.  It comes with an installer, so users only need to adjust a config file, run the installer, and configure PayPal to send IPNs to the template solution URL.  From that point on all IPNs will be logged, and the solution is very easy to customize for your own needs.

Project Details

Platform PayPal, PHP
Release Date July, 2011

PayPal IPN PHP Template

Admin Panel

The PayPal IPN PHP template solution comes with a basic admin panel that makes it easy to browse your PayPal IPN data.  You can see a list of raw IPN data, or you can also see organized data like Orders, Recurring Payments, Mass Payments, etc. with data parsed accordingly.

Every PayPal IPN variable that is included in the IPNs are parsed into PHP variables that match the name of the IPN variable name.  This makes it a breeze to use the data within your own code when customizing the solution.


The PayPal IPN PHP template uses the PHPMailer class library to handle email notifications.  You can configure the email settings in the template config file and then send your own email notifications very easily using PHPMailer methods.

MySQL Database Wrapper

The PayPal IPN PHP template includes the MySQL database wrapper by  This makes it very simple to customize the solution with your own database queries using the methods provided by the database class.

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