FileMaker PayPal / eBay Integration

FileMaker PayPal eBay API Integration

Project Description

We have integrated PayPal and eBay web service APIs into FileMaker Pro / Server solutions for many clients.  Utilizing a combination of the External SQL Sources (ESS) and Custom Web Publishing (PHP API) features provided in FileMaker we were able to fully automate a variety of tasks between FileMaker, PayPal, and eBay including posting items for sale on eBay from FileMaker Pro and automatically creating new orders in the FileMaker solution when payments are received in PayPal.

Project Details

Client DealExpress
Date 2003 – Present
Skills FileMaker Pro / Server, PHP, PayPal / eBay Integration

FileMaker eBay Integration

FileMaker eBay Integration

With the push of a button in FileMaker a custom eBay listing is generated using the data available in FileMaker and is posted to eBay using the AddItem API.  The eBay listing data is returned to FileMaker and saved in an Auctions layout that used to manage the entire history of eBay listings the company has ever processed.

We utilized eBay’s Platform Notifications API to automatically update the FileMaker auction records when listings get bids, are sold, canceled, expired, re-listed, etc. so the system is always current with eBay.

eBay Auction Data Available in FileMaker

Here you can see that within the FileMaker system we have access to the winning bidder details like their address, eBay username, email address (if not blocked by buyer settings), start and finish date, as well as fee details.

FileMaker PayPal eBay Integration

FileMaker PayPal Integration

Any time a payment is processed via PayPal through the company website, eBay, or over the phone using the PayPal Virtual Terminal, an order is automatically created in the FileMaker system with the correct items, shipping and tax information completed to match the PayPal payment.

This is done using PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) with a PHP / MySQL solution that is attached to FileMaker using External SQL Sources (ESS) and makes all of the IPN data stored in MySQL available to FileMaker layouts.

It’s a thing of beauty when you process a payment and watch the order drop into FileMaker instantly!

FileMaker PayPal Integration

PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) in FileMaker

Here you can see all of the PayPal transaction data that was provided by the IPN notification has been displayed in FileMaker layouts.  This was done using External SQL Sources connection from FileMaker to MySQL.  From this screen, the client can migrate the order details into their actual FileMaker -> Invoices accordingly.

FileMaker PayPal IPN Integration