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Our PayPal Here WooCommerce POS plugin brings the PayPal Here app and your WooCommerce web store together.  Easily process pending WooCommerce orders from within the PayPal Here app, or create new orders from your mobile device using WooCommerce product data to process with PayPal Here.  All order data will be synced back to WooCommerce eliminating additional steps typically required to manage inventory and order between the two systems.


Product Description

PayPal Here WooCommerce POS Plugin

Our PayPal Here WooCommerce POS plugin will tie your WooCommerce store together with the PayPal Here POS payments app like never before.  Now you can easily manage and create orders using WooCommerce tools and inventory data and then process payments through the PayPal Here mobile app.  Everything syncs so your WooCommerce store and inventory will be up to date without additional steps!

Process Pending WooCommerce Orders Using PayPal Here

Quickly and easily use PayPal Here to process payments for pending WooCommerce orders.  This can be done by pulling up a list of WooCommerce pending orders from the mobile web app provided by our plugin, or by scanning a QR code from the WooCommerce order screen which will load that specific order directly on  your mobile device.  If necessary, adjustments can be made to the order from the mobile device, and these adjustments will be synced automatically back to the WooCommerce order.  When ready, you can quickly process the order using the PayPal Here app on your mobile device.

Create New Orders from Mobile Device

In addition to processing pending WooCommerce orders, you can also create new orders to process with PayPal Here from your mobile device.  When creating new orders, product data is pulled from WooCommerce and will always be in sync.  Coupon codes generated in WooCommerce will also be available for use from within the app.  When ready, you can send the order into the PayPal Here app on your mobile device for payment processing.  All order details will be synced back to WooCommerce accordingly, and inventory updates will be applied as expected.

Supplement our PayPal for WooCommerce Plugin

You may already know us by our popular PayPal for WooCommerce plugin.  Adding PayPal Here will complete your overall PayPal payment integration needs with WooCommerce!

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    I would like to use this plugin but there is some serious issues. The search function doesn’t work, I have a lot of different products and need to search each time to find them for a sale and I just can’t do that because the search function doesn’t display the correct results. Is there something that I’m missing here? Also it is quite slow to search items that will be a problem when it is busy and I have many customers. Can you please advise about how to get the search function working properly.

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Hi Joel,

      This is the first report we’ve had of that, and I haven’t noticed it myself, but of course we’ll look into this and see if we can figure out what’s going on. It would help if you can submit a ticket here and then we can work more directly with you on this. If you can provide a video demo of the issue you’re having that would be great. Thanks!

  2. Keith

    I really want this to work, but there are too many bugs right now. Probably since it is in Beta. But some issues we are having are:

    1. Overall the app is very slow. It needs to have the same speed as a square or PayPal Here
    2. The discount line is not working. A screen pops up to enter a discount but when you hit Apply, nothing happens.
    3. You cannot remove the tax line. This needs to be optional or allow to override.
    4. You cannot override the product price. We sell many items at events where the price is rounded. We need to be able to change the price of each item.
    5. Hitting the trash can from the Pending orders page sometimes deletes the order and sometimes not.

    I really hope this app becomes better because there is really no good WC and payment processor integration that will also keep all the orders in the WC cart. It is really necessary and we would be willing to donate to development for a speedy app.

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. We are indeed working hard to get loose ends tied up, and we’re also working with POS plugin developers to make this all work more seamlessly with those plugins, so the overall performance should be much better at that point, too. Keep your eye on the updates and you’ll see big improvements coming soon. Thanks again for the feedback!

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0.5.3 – 07.23.2019

  • Feature – Adds push notification system. (PHWOO-56)

0.5.2 – 07.09.2019

  • Tweak – Minor adjustment to PayPal API requests.

0.5.1 – 05.31.2019

  • Updates WordPress and WooCommerce version compatibility.

0.5.0 – 05.31.2019

  • Feature – Adds AE notification system. (PHWOO-54)

0.4.0 – 04.04.2019

  • Feature – Adds AE Updater compatibility for future notices and automated updates. (PHWOO-53)