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Get the PayPal help you are looking for from Drew Angell, owner of Angell EYE, and Certified PayPal Developer and Partner.

  • Schedule a Google Meet with Drew.
  • Get answers to all your PayPal questions!
  • Discuss your goals and plan for PayPal integration.
  • Payment will be applied to any work we do for you.

Long Term Partners

3-Time Star Developer Award Winner

Drew Angell was presented with the Star Developer Award for his Service to the Developer Community in 2008 and followed that up the Most Innovative Application Award in 2009.  He then took home the X.Commerce Community Builder Award in 2011!

PayPal has not held such conferences for many years now, but you will still find Drew in all of the communities helping however he can.

PayPal is one of the most widely used and feature packed merchant processor providers available. They offer a vast array of products loaded with cool features, however, this can make it difficult for newcomers to understand exactly what they need and leave them searching for somebody who can provide some PayPal help.

General PayPal Help

Just getting started with PayPal to send or receive payments?  We can answer questions you may have including but not limited to:

  • PayPal Account Verification
  • PayPal Address Confirmation
  • Fraud Management Standard Procedures
  • PayPal Security Standards
  • Sending and Receiving Payments
  • Moving Money from PayPal to Bank (or vice-verse)
  • Getting a PayPal Debit Card and Earning 1% Cash Back

If it can be done with PayPal, we’ve done it many times, and we’ve learned how to avoid problems.  Let us provide you with the PayPal help you need to ensure a safe a satisfying experience with PayPal.

PayPal Help for Developers

If you are a developer and you are new to PayPal’s platform things can get very confusing very quickly.  This is because PayPal offers such a wide variety of products and features.  This makes the PayPal platform a terrific thing to build on, but it can be difficult to find the information you’re looking for if you are not familiar with PayPal’s terminology and feature set.

Once you know exactly which PayPal product you should be using based on your overall goal(s), then you can look directly at that documentation and not waste time sorting through the mountains of documentation provided that have nothing to do with what your goal.

Here are some examples of the types of PayPal help we provide for developers.

  • Which Product Should I Be Using?
    • PayPal Standard
    • PayPal Pro
    • PayPal Advanced
    • PayPal Express Checkout
    • PayPal Adaptive Payments
    • PayPal REST API
  • PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) Integration
  • How to Integrate Specific APIs
  • Avoiding Potential Pitfalls when Developing with PayPal
  • How to Install PayPal SDKs Using Composer
  • and More!

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  1. Brent LaFoley (verified owner)

    Drew is amazing. His personal skills are only outmatched by his technical skills. His willingness to dig right in for an initial discovery was hugely helpful and his ability to explain various concepts to our dev team was fantastic. We will absolutely be working with him again!

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  2. Alex C. (verified owner)

    Andrew was extremely helpful, encouraging and friendly. I am so relieved to have found such a valuable resource .

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  3. Bill Worden (verified owner)

    Customer Support Second to None! Drew responded to me immediately via screen-share and resolved the issue within a few minutes. Fantastic Customer Support! Thank you very much! 👍

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    Andrew helped me sort out some problems that I would have NEVER figured out on my own.
    In just a few minutes, sharing my screen, he found a problem with a ‘Soft Descriptor’ Error.
    My company name included an alt-character, “®”, that was causing customer PayPal payments to fail.
    It’s all fixed, now and I am blown away at the expediency, knowledge and extremelly high level of support that Andrew gave me. Kudos! Bill

    Was this review helpful to you?
    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Thanks Bill! Happy to help!

  5. Gloria R Nash

    Finding Andrew to assist with the PayPal integration on my website has been truly nothing less than angelic. He achieved for me what either no one else could or would. If the need arises in the future, I will not think twice about using Andrew’s highly skilled and professional services again.

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  6. Jeff D (verified owner)

    Andrew helped me design and integrate an advanced / custom PayPal checkout system with Express Checkout API that allows file delivery and payments to other users. He pointed me in the right direction and gave me the resources to make it happen. It was very confusing at first and I ran into a lot of questions, but he helped answer the questions and make things work. I would say Andrew is probably one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to PayPal and PHP. He actually knows more about PayPal than the people I contacted at PayPal to ask questions.

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  7. Ken Nelson

    I’d like to get some general consulting as to the capabilities of PayPal to meet the needs of

    We’d like micropayment processing fees, and we’d like to be able to confirm the tax-exempt status of the charity.

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    • Andrew Angell (store manager)

      Hi Ken,

      If you want to go ahead and submit an order for 1 hour of consulting that should be enough. We can get it scheduled as soon as I see the order come through.


  8. Cecil

    Andrew has been a huge help for number of years providing excellent Paypal integration for our business. Highly recommend.

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  9. Randy

    I hired Andrew for 2 hours, to create some code to automate my eBay sales processing – retrieving sales data, and item data, etc, remotely, using eBay API calls.

    Works like a charm! The very clean coding, and simple use of the calls has saved me many hours of time redeveloping this coding myself, and many many many future hours of logging in to eBay after every sale to retrieve data to fill orders.

    Thanks, and will hire again!

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  10. Jack Poorte (verified owner)

    I asked Andrew to help me guide through the different Paypal technologies. His service has been awesome. Fast and to the point. I recommend him highly for any Paypal related project you may have.

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