Need To Return An Online Purchase?

Seller Won’t Pay Postage? PayPal Has Your Back!

As we march towards the holiday season it’s safe to say that many of us will be doing at least a portion of our shopping online.

E-commerce has grown exponentially over the past couple of decades to the point where it now accounts for almost 10% of all retail sales.  As the years continue that number is only going to grow. Indeed by 2021, it’s estimated that a staggering $4.5 trillion will be spent on e-commerce purchases in the US alone.

It has taken us as a society a long time to warm to e-commerce. The idea of entrusting a retailer with our sensitive data combined with the logistics of shipping and receiving packages requires something of a leap of faith on the part of the buyer.

When we make e-commerce purchases we trust the seller to ensure that what we receive is exactly the same as what is described.  The items should reach us intact and within an allotted time frame.

However, despite the good intentions of the buyers and sellers sometimes disputes arise. That’s why PayPal has buyer protection so that you can shop with confidence knowing that PayPal has your back when something goes wrong.

One common complaint occurs when buyers need to return an item. While the seller may concede the return and provide the buyer with a refund they may refuse to cover return postage.

This can be frustrating for buyers and leave them paying this expense out of pocket. Fortunately, this is covered by PayPal’s “Return Shipping On Us” program.

Make Sure you Qualify for Buyer Protection

While buyer protection covers most purchases, buyers do have to meet certain criteria to invoke it.

First, buyers must attempt to resolve matters with the seller and open up a dispute within 180 days of the initial transaction. The dispute must then be escalated into a buyer protection claim within 20 days.

It’s worth noting that buyer protection only applies to items purchased through PayPal and does not apply to motor vehicles, real estate, prepaid cards, industrial machinery or anything that violates PayPal’s policies.

So, the instance where you need to return an item but the seller refuses to pay postage (or has just stopped communicating with you altogether) fits snugly within the parameters of buyer protection.

Covering Shipping Costs

As long as you paid for the incorrect, damaged or defective item you need to return through PayPal they will cover return shipping costs to the seller up to the value of $30.

Simply retain your proof of postage as-per PayPal’s terms and conditions and submit a claim for a refund. Paypal will guide you through the rest of the process and email you with confirmation when the matter is resolved.

Shop with Confidence

Nobody likes having to return a package to a seller. It’s a fundamental inconvenience that can cost time and money.

Fortunately, PayPal makes it easy to return items to their respective seller and will ensure that your postage is covered even when the seller will not.

This allows you to buy with confidence from sellers all over the world!

How Do I File a Return Shipping Refund Claim?

1. Activate the return shipping service on your PayPal account.

2. Find the transaction in your account activity log, and click to view its details.

3. Select “Request a return shipping refund” located in the transaction details page.

4. Follow the instructions to proceed and complete the request.

Need Additional Help?

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