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What is PayPal and How Does it Work?

Introduction Today we’re just going to take a quick look at a simple question; what is PayPal and how does it work?  The easy answer is it’s a way to send and receive payments.  There’s a little bit more than that going on.  You’ve got your buyers and...

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What is PayPal Express Checkout

PayPal provides many different products to integrate payments into websites and applications.  Express Checkout is just one of the many available methods.  That said, it is the most widely used and feature-packed way to tie PayPal payments into your app, and it is my...

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6 Advantages of PayPal Express Checkout

Most people start out with PayPal by integrating PayPal Standard payment buttons into websites.  This is great, and it's a simple way to get up and running quickly with PayPal, but there's another option available to developers that has a lot of advantages:  PayPal...

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How to Create a PayPal Button

PayPal provides a "Button Factory" within any PayPal business account that can be used to create basic payment buttons for PayPal.  The PayPal Button Factory supports the following types of payment buttons:   Shopping Cart (Add to Cart and View Cart) Buy Now...

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WooCommerce Update Tips

Introduction WooCommerce is widely used and loved by many.  There is one thing about it, though, that can cause nightmares for people; the WooCommerce update release. If you have tools that automatically update your WordPress plugins for you...

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Verify PayPal Account

Introduction One of the first things you should do when creating a new PayPal is verifying the account.  What exactly is that, though, and how do you go about doing it?  We'll take a look at that here. What is PayPal Verification? Like any other online service, pretty...

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PayPal Pay with Credit Card

Video Demo Step 1 - Add Credit Card to PayPal Account The first thing you need to do if you haven't already is add one or more credit cards to your PayPal wallet (account).  This will accomplish three things for you: Enables the ability to pay...

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PayPal Add Credit Card Tutorial

Advantages There are a few primary reasons it is always recommended to add one or more credit cards to your PayPal account. Confirms your address with PayPal so that sellers are comfortable shipping to you without delay. Protects your credit card and...

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How Does PayPal Work

Introduction to How Does PayPal Work? From Pony Express to telegraph transfers and fast wired transactions, people have always managed to find a way to transfer goods both nationally and internationally. However, the digital revolution has opened new doors to new ways...

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The Power of the Post

The Power of the Post Posting questions on forums online can be a very powerful tool for developers.  Not only will it allow you to learn from experienced developers who have accomplished your goal(s) before, but it will save you loads of time. What Do You Mean by The...

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